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My YOUR INNER POWER workshop I’ve been doing in the past years with a lot of joy and success domestically and abroad. This ONLINE workshop is an edit of the LIVE workshop, recorded in Copenhagen.

In 2020 I had to cancel my planned activities in France, Greece and Norway. I have no idea about when I can do this this again and I miss giving the workshop LIVE, but fortunately it is possible via this way to keep on sharing my knowledge and experience. Because that’s what driving me.

Now you can experience all of it ONLINE

  • wherever you like
  • whenever you like
  • as often as you like

This online version contains 10 videos, English spoken, in which I explain to the 25 attendees at the workshop about my vision and method, why this works and how you can apply these techniques by yourself. In between and at the end I anser all questions. And I make everybody experience it and I give a short demonstration with one of the attendees.

It is simple and IT WORKS

When you listen and watch these videos you can immediately participate and tap on yourself, so you will experience results. I advise you to tap along always. This way you learn yourself and your physical body how this works.

Profound, curious, kind and still down to earth

The workshop and my session with Jeannette brought on a profound positive shift in me. I didn’t have to force anything, I really didn’t even have to work hard.

Sarah Kotzamani, alignment & mobility, Athene

What you get in this ONLINE workshop

  • This workshop contains 10 videos recorded in Copenhagen – Denmark
  • + a summary on every page of what’s in the video
  • + 1 bonus: 2nd complete workshop, containing 6 videos, recorded in Norway
  • + 1 demo-session
  • 1 year unlimited access to all the videos
  • Opportunity to ask questions by email at any time

The YOUR INNER POWER workshop program

What will be in the 10 videos

  1. Workshop introduction
    • fascination for human behaviour
    • human beings – and computertechnqie
    • programming yourself again
  2. Vision and foundation
    • the healthy stressresponse
    • stress is a creation
    • the body doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality
  3. Fun, forgive and forget
    • the healing power of love, light and laughter
    • the subconsious is faster than logic
    • forgiving and forgetting
  4. We are programmed
    • suppress or release
    • programmed with the best intensions
    • tidying up, updating and installing
  5. Re-program our mind
    • what is learned can be unlearned
    • the illusion that fear keeps you safe
    • you can change in one second
  6. The power to change is inside
    • when you change your perception, everything changes
    • meridians and organs
    • the mind-body connection
  7. Learn how you can use tapping
    • the goal of tapping and the immediate results
    • different ways of tapping
    • taking responsability for your reaction
  8. How you release stress
    • find what works best for you and test it
    • practise, exercise, apply
    • it only works when you do it
  9. More about programs and beliefs
    • programmed to worry
    • we can choose our programs
    • infinite consiousness
  10. Can we tap on our kids and cats?
    • everybody is responsible for him/her/itself
    • the distinction between helping and manipulating
    • “Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody himself.” (Tolstoj)

Fantastic workshop where this way to resolve stress hit my heart

Fantastic workshop in Moss where really the way of working to resolve stress hit my heart. I did sessions with Jeannette and still feel energy, relaxation and joy.

Jytte Fischenich, remedial teacher, Moss, Norway

Now PLAY the trailer

Watch the trailer, which gives you an impression of the informal ambiance of the workshop and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Lots of fun for a small investment

Because of the current travel restrictions I have no idea of when I can do the workshops LIVE again.

Expecially NOW in this bizar period of time of insecurity and unclear and doubtful instructions. People are contracting themselves and eachother all the time.

Dump that TV and start reprogramming!

LIVE workshop, recorded in Denmark
to the value of € 150,-

BONUS +++ LIVE workshop, recorded in Norway
to the value of € 150,-

Now with a spectacular discount of nothing less than

>>> 67% discount <<<

You will not only get 1 workshop for 1/3 of the price, but you get 2 of them! How fun is that?!

All together for only € 49,-

Trust is the word that comes in my mind when working with Jeannette

She breaks trances and limiting beliefs. Trust is the word that comes in my mind before, during and after my working with Jeannette.

Andreas Mesarites, managing director, Nicosia, Cyprus

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I wish you lots of fun and inspiration!


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