The YOUR INNER POWER workshop is recorded in Norway and totally English spoken.

The complete workshop you can now follow ONLINE for half of the price. Plus extra bonusses. See more details below.

What do you get when you order this ONLINE workshop

  • 6 videos with explanation about the technique and how you can apply this unto yourself
  • 1 year access, so you can watch and listen to the videos where and when and as often as you want (the big advance of ONLINE training)
  • 1 demonstration of how I helped someone, without the need she told me the content of her problem
  • + 1 bonus: the workshop, recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark with another group
  • + option to attend online Q&A sessions

not € 150,00 excl. 21% VAT

NU als BONUS bij de YOUR INNER POWER online workshop

First watch the introduction of the workshop

In the first part of the video below the hosts, who organised the workshop in Norwegian about how we got to know each other and their results of the cooperation with me.

From 5:50 I’m starting to introduce myself. Or you can skip the total video below and go straight to ordering.

When you want to skip the introduction in Norwegian you can speed it up to 5:50 minutes 

(In the right corner below you can click to enlarge the screen en with the ESC-button you can return.)

After the workshop and 2 weeks in Norway I made a videoblog to express my gratitude.

Order via the form below.


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