Workshops in Greece

July 8 & July 12 at 6 p.m.
at STK Anilio

home of the centaurs

The answer to your questions is inside you.
The solution to your problems is already there. Somehow you know it.
You just have to get rid of what is covering it up.
Release yourself from what you don’t need anymore.
Your life can be so much easier!


What is stress? – What is perception? – How to release stress?

Goal: Use your brain the way YOU want, be emotional intelligent and reach your goals. Get: some basic theory about Emotional Focussed Transformation, tapping and the fundamental vision of stress, perception and what to do with it.

Basics of tapping

Why use it? – When use it? – How to use it?

Goal: Hands on technique.
Get: After explaining the benefits of using tapping to relax yourself and let go of what is bothering you, you’ll get some practice. You learn how to tap, where and when and different ways of using it. It is simpel, easy and fun.


Stress is the cause of accidents, illness, relationship problems, depression and more. The body follows the thinking and that’s why letting go of (unconscious) thinking patterns (programs) leads to improvement of the physical condition and recovery of diseases and all kind of problems. 

If you really let go what you don’t need anymore you start choosing something better and easier for yourself, your health, your wellness, your relationships, your work and your wealth.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change. We can choose our thoughts. During our lives we’ve learnt fears and beliefs, which do not really belong to us, so we better let them go.
Because we are much more than our fears or beliefs.
We are unlimited consciousness.”

(Jeannette van Uffelen)

Stress is the cause of most problems. The body follows the thinking and that’s why letting go of (unconscious) thinking patterns leads to recovery and improvement.

Your Inner Power workshop sessions,,

Jeannette van Uffelen
 is a naturopath and Stress Release Specialist from The Netherlands. She’s an advanced Faster EFT (Level 4) practitioner, a registered HQT® (High Quality Therapist) and Certified member of IAPCH (International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists).

She has helped thousands of people from all over the world recovering from diseases and improving their lives, by sharing her knowledge. In workshops and sessions she loves to help and teach people how to become more emotional intelligent. She facilitates the elimination of stress, depression, sadness, fears, phobias, trauma, addiction, pain and grief. People say she brings lightness in live and with her, solving serious problems and impediments become simple and even fun.

Her reputation is one of: straightforward, with humour and loyalty. Her promise is that she works fearless and upfront. 

Greece is her second home country and she has been travelling the mainland and many islands since more than 30 years. She’s an icon painter in the Orthodox tradition, in a way to focus and express in the art. (

Jeannette will do a weekly workshop and is available for individual sessions in Anilio in the beautiful Mount Pilion area this summer from June 29 to July 12.

In case you want to book sessions, contact her!
She’s available, daily until beachtime, in the yurt or the longroom.

Call her by phone +31613223075
email, workshop your inner power,

Here you can download the flyer: YIP Kalikalos June-July 2018.