Location: Pilion in Greece

The beautiful Greek Mount Pilion peninsula at the Aegean sea is the place where I’m going to do ‘Your Inner Power’ in June and July of this year.

International holistic centre Kalikalos is risen about 15 years ago, from the wish to create a mediterranean version of the Scottish Findhorn. The place is held by a small group of dedicated volunteers and besides that, every visitor is helping somewhat, so the costs are kept low for all.

  • From Saturday June 1 to 8 in Anilio.
  • From Monday July 1 to 8 in Kissos.

All about what the workshops is can be find on this page.

Anilio, the home of the Centaurs

The ‘Home of the Centaurs’ is a stretched out forest near the village Anilio. a lot of space, fresh figs above your head and everywhere that wonderful light, bright green with (often) a clear blue sky. From Anilio you can walk by the road to the sea, but more adventurous are the paths over the mountain through the forest.

It lies halfway the village Kissos and the sea. The ‘Home of the Centaurs’ is known for its clear waterfalls and is for Greek city dwellers, who like the rough nature, perfect holidays area. Half of the year it is used by Kalikalos visitors from all over the world. In the summertime also Greek people from Athens, Volos and other cities organise holiday weeks there. The place is good for building natural ovens (to bake ceramics), build campfire, play outside and sleep outdoors.

You can roam around endlessly, walk along the seashore and visit small villages on the mountain or at the sea, where time seems to have stand still, but where taverna’s are always open. It is not found by heavy tourism and that keeps it simple and attractive. The beaches and the sea are clean here.


In Kissos various spots are created where all kind of things are happening. A yurt, a sanctuary en places for meditation, dance, yoga, etc. for bigger and small groups. All the area in and around the house is colored by flowers and fruit. In the house are simple furnitured bedrooms and shared sanitary services. Life is also in Kissos mostly happening outdoors. There’s a good connection with the villagers, who are concerned and pass by from time to time.

Before or after the workshop you can stay some more days or weeks. You can also bring someone, who doesn’t want to do the workshop, but likes to travel with you. Do you have any questions? Just let me know.

There’s a third location, Alexandros. Probably I will also be there one day in the future.

The Circle is a short film about Kalikalos made by talented filmmaker Naama Noach during her stay with us in summer 2018. Take some minutes to get an impression of the atmosphere you find in Kalikalos.