From experience I know that the most successful, deepest, permanent results come from consequent dedicated work. My goal with my clients is not to get someone over a bump, but to get them on the desired path where they continue to grow and develope, while they walk their life’s path.

Problems did not form overnight. They were developed, implanted, established and practiced for many years. In other words, you became a genius in this practice. But everything ever learned can be unlearned as well.

We will shortly firmly work together

You can choose one out of the options below. You order a single sessions or you can start by making an appointment with me for a free short call, in case you have questions.

One-On-One Sessions

  • Most sessions are done online from your computer, laptop or phone. I’ve worked with many people all over the world, from Argentina to Zakynthos, via Skype or Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp and it works well when you have a good internet connection. When we are in the same place, like during retreats, workshops or travelling, we can also meet online if there’s an option.

Workshops & Retreats

  • Workshops and retreats are offered in The Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Denmark and France, since 2017. Check out my website for different offers, like the YOUR INNER POWER summer retreat.
Demo session in a workshop in Moss – Norway


It’s possible that you have to cancel an appointment. If you do this 48 hours before, someone else can take your place. If you haven’t cancelled 24 hours ahead I have to charge you. That timeslot and space is kept available for you only. Please, call me by phone when you cannot come. Or send me an e-mail, so not via sms, messenger or whatsapp.


All information on this website is educational and is exclusively available for free as general information, so it’s no medical or psychological advice.

If you have any questions about using the on this site mentioned technics, than ask your doctor.

When you make an appointment for a session or event, you agree with the content of the Terms & Conditions and you take full responsibility for your own health, your decisions, your life and your results.

Before you come to an appointment there might be resistance and that’s fine. A part of us doesn’t like change and wants to ‘protect’ us, but in the long run, this will work against us. This can produce uncomfortable feelings, just before our session date. That’s okay, a natural reaction. Take it with you and come no matter what.

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