Working with people I’be been doing for so many years. And because of that experience and know that the most successful, deepest, permanent results come from consequent dedicated work. My goal with my clients is not to get someone over a bump, but to get them on the desired path where they continue to grow and develope, while they walk their life’s path.

When you’ve had a lifetime to create a problem, you can’t expect this will be gone in one 2 hour session, although miracles do happen.

Shortly firmly working together

Problems did not form overnight. They were developed, implanted, established and practiced for many years.

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Old programs, patterns and habits have built many cross references and endless paths via the neural system through the brain and the body. I work with clients in tailor made packages (series of sessions).

Take one single session when you want to get to know me and/or my way of working You can order via the button. Within 24 hours after your order you receive an email with at least 2 timeslot proposals for a session. In case you respond fast you have a date within a few days. When you really want fundamental change, I advice you to take a package, because of the cross references, mentioned above.

All individual sessions are at my practice in Den Haag Zuid. Workshops I mostly do at Bloom-House of Health in the centre of Den Haag. And retreats we organise at special locations inland and abroad.


It’s possible that you have to cancel an appointment. If you do this 48 hours before, someone else can take your place. If you haven’t cancelled 24 hours ahead I have to charge you. That timeslot and space is kept available for you only. Please, call me by phone when you cannot come. Or send me an e-mail, so not via sms, messenger or whatsapp.

Cancellation for a seminar or webinar is possible until 28 days before the start, minus € 50,- cancellationfee. Until 14 days ahead you will get 50% of the amount in return, minus € 50,- cancellationfee. Later restitution is impossible, but you can give (sell) your place/seat to someone else.

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Before you come to an appointment there might be resistance and that’s fine. A part of us doesn’t like change and wants to ‘protect’ us, but in the long run, this will work against us. This can produce uncomfortable feelings, just before our session date. That’s okay, a natural reaction. Take it with you and come no matter what.