In this vlog you find all information about the workshops I’m doing this summer 2019 in Greece. When you book before half of April you get 10% Early Bird discount. 

Unfortunately we couldn’t go there again in the next summer(s) without risking our mental health, our physical body, our future live, because of the restrictions according to new rules. But when we do not acquiesce in this new weirdness, we CAN DO IT. If not in Greece, than wherever we are. What’s more important? Count your blessings and know who your really are. Connect to YOUR INNER POWER. We are infinite consciousness.

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Read more information here about the summerworkshops in Greece.

Read more blogs on my website about the power of the mind, perception or the influence of the way we think (unsuspecting and unconsciously) on creating stress or (consciously) releasing stress.

Or call me for a free online talk when you want to know more before you can take a decision, like: Does this suit me? How big is the group? Is it possible that … ? Et cetera.