Since 2003 I’ve had my own business as a Wellness Counselor and Trainer for individuals, teams and groups. For 10 years I had a company named ‘Vitaliteit in Bedrijf’. I gave training to Human Resources Managers and Developers from all kind of organisations, corperate, healthcare, education and government.

Vitaliteit in bedrijf can be translated in English to:
‘Vitality in Business’ or in ‘Vitality in Action’ (the word bedrijf has  two different meanings: 1= company or business; 2 = action). So the goal was to create Healthy Vital organisations, in all ways; healthy thinking, healthy management, healthy people. And it means Vitality in Action, as vitality is not something you HAVE, but something you DO.

HR Praktijk, human resources management, training

Training for HR managers for HR Praktijk Publishers, Atlantic Hotel Den Haag

The services of ‘Vitaliteit in Bedrijf’ were offered to different kind of institutions and to individuals in a great variety of professions at all levels and of all ages. My clients most of the time were the organisations, who made me work with their employees. But also individuals found their way to me and sometimes than their employer followed.

Onderstroom, HR Praktijk, my first published book, HCO Den Haag

Signing books


Being full of ideas, experience and knowledge about the work made me start writing about it. Some of my articles were published in magazines about Human Resources Management, Health insurance and Business Magazines.

In 2007 I was asked by a big HRM publisher to write a book about vital HR management and development. The book ‘Onderstroom‘ ( transl. ‘Under current’, about life stages focussed HRM policy was published.

During those 10 years I’ve done a lot of very different projects, trainings and individual coaching and counseling. I was also attending some boards and did some more voluntary work. Learnt a lot.

Early morning exercise, training management teams, Croon Elektrotechniek

When my company was getting closer to its 10 years existence I was thinking how to celebrate this jubilee. Meanwhile my attention was attracted to the work I’m doing now and I felt the best way to celebrate was to close Vitaliteit in Bedrijf and not offer my services to organisations any longer.

Often it takes a long time to get things changed in big companies, schools, government organisations and I don’t have the patience to wait that long. One of the reasons to become an entrepreneur was this impatience. I’ve always had a fast mind and many ideas to improve, to make it easier. That doesn’t mean I’m always right or all my ideas are good, but at least I want to try it, to move, to do something. I’m quite sure that my impatience made me give up too fast too often. Bureaucracy is a challenge for me. It seems necessary, but I don’t get it. So after 10 years I was done with it.

stadhuis gemeente Den Haag, vitaliteit in bedrijf, training, Jeannette van Uffelen

Townhall, municipality of The Hague

My focus was back on helping individuals (who can decide any time by themselves about their own life) and I am fascinated by the results of working with the subconsious mind. Finally I decided that my own name was the best name for my work; nothing more, nothing less and easy to find. So it is just: And for the Dutch speaking people.

In the work I’m doing now, all of the education, training and experience I ever had, comes together and I use it in the sessions and workshops I give, in my writing, blogging and vlogging. Finally I’m creating my dreamjob and I love the work I do.

Siemens Headoffice, The Hague, Chairman of the jury, Sustainability Award, MKB Duurzaamheidsprijs

Siemens Headoffice, Chairman of the jury Sustainability Award The Hague

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