START Session

Although I advise you to do more than one session I want to give everyone the chance to experience one start session with me. The reason I recommend multiple sessions is that we tend to forget what we’ve learnt fast, especially when the change happened fast and easy. I teach everybody to tap by themselves in the first session, but often I hear people say they ‘forget’ it as soon as they feel better.

In one session a lot of changes can be realised, because the subconscious mind works much faster than the conscious mind. But we also move back into our old familiair patterns very easy when we don’t create a habit to work on ourselves. For that reason I offer packages. So if you want to change something fundamentally and permanently, I advise you to take a package like STANDARD or PREMIUM. You can start with the first and later upgrade to the second.

To go through this you can order one single session right now. Content information about the method you can find on this site and you can also read what holds the STANDARD packet and the other packages.

If you really let go what you don’t need anymore you’re able to make better choices and it all gets easier for yourself; your health, your wellness, your relationships, your work and your daily life.

A session is deeply relaxing and I teach you how you can apply tapping by yourself also after the sessions. As a result of this you will experience changes immediately. A packet with multiple sessions will give you deep results ánd significant discount compared to single sessions.

Book a START session!

Experience tapping and learn the basics of tapping and selfhypnosis.

Because it can be more funny, lovely and easy.

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