Are you totally fed up with being on a diet on and on? And did you notice that, being on a diet or not, you’re only getting heavier since years?

  • Longtime dieting slows down your metabolism and makes losing weight impossible.
  • Eventhough you strive for it you don’t get slim.
  • If diets don’t work, why should you continue trying it?

A big part of my life I’ve been on a diet; Weight Watchers, the bread diet, starving, fasting, Dr. AtkinsDr. Phil. How slim and healthy were those doctors themselves, actually? Dr. Phil gave the most horrible tips around weightloss: avoid all places that made you think about nice food!! How fun is that? That means, in my case: stay home! Because I live in Food Walhalla, here you can get EVERYTHING.

In the years I grew up everyone was going on a diet. So did I. In hindsight I was absolutely not fat, but my weight grew from when I started to pay attention to it!! And 20 years later No One Had A Clue on What To Eat, because we were too busy with the prescriptions, rules, calorie counting, drinking crushed lettuce, eating filled chive, lemon with maple syrup, yuk! And diabetes and obese are all over the place now. We are fooled. Healthy fat is replaced by the poison called sugar and we’re all made sugarjunkies.

And than I was done with it! When I was feeling good with myself I just quit dieting. I started to eat what I really wanted to eat and only if I had appetite. Now I eat one or two times a day and that’s enough. I only eat what I desire for. I never liked to eat early in the day, so I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t care what they say about it. 

Sometimes I only eat whipped cream, because I like that. Sometimes I eat an eggplant casserole with lots of tomatosauce and cheese. I like that too. I eat less often and less amounts of food, because I feel when I’m satisfied and than I stop eating. Sugar has no nutrients, so I have no reason to eat it. I don’t eat anything with a heart, except artichoke.

If you allow yourself to choose and you listen to your body, you know exactly what food to eat. And how much. In case this is hard for you, than you might choose the Virtual Gastric Band Package, which is direct hypnosis. A world wide succes, risk free, safer and healthier than gastric band surgery.

Love of oneself

The more I got to let go old patterns, sad and bad memories with the help of the methods I use, my food issues disappeared. It’s not about what we eat, but more about why we eat (when we’re not hungry). This change was a result of the growing love for myself and the decreasing need to comfort myself with garbage food or other unhealthy patterns. I’m satisfied with how I fit into my skin and in my clothes.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health; food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism. Today I know it is Love Of Oneself.
(Charlie Chaplin)

I eat and drink to feed myself and for no other reason anymore, because I’m enjoying life (and myself) without wine, without cake and without a sigaret. I became more peaceful and much calmer. And so became my life.

First getting healthy, than the body follows by itself. In the end this happens with way less effort, less trouble, less frustration, because the solution comes from within, from the place where you have the answers. Somewhere inside you there’s a SOLUTION already, without musting and without willpower, without suffering or starving. A solution from deep relaxation, acceptance, love for yourself and rejoice life.

Do you want to quit dieting?

I am specialised in letting go of addictions and habits around eating, drinking and smoking. I offer different packages, whereby a certain habit or addiction is approached. You can start with The Basic Package, but might need the Intensive Package. It is not a quick fix, but you choose for deep transformation, because you can get rid of your programs about your self. It is not about food.

I loved icecream, until I realised icecream did not love me. I had memories of LOVE connected to icecream: When I was a little girl, sometimes my parents took the motorbike to cross the city to buy us Italian icecream. All happy together! The love is not in the icecream anymore. It’s just frosen milk with too much sugar.