Let me teach you to DO what you WANT to do
without procrastination one more time

Jeannette van Uffelen

You are continuously stressed, because of your procrastination and shelving tasks. You know that you do this yourself and that’s eating you everyday.

You have a burning desire to prosper, you know there’s more inside you, but it doesn’t show, because of your procrestination.

Of course you can make a plan or planning! You could even give a timemanagement course yourself, if they’d ask you. 😉 But still?

You’re smart enough and you’re full of ideas. You know you can do it! And do you also know that it can be better and much easier? Yes, somewhere you know that!

Totally ready for the next step in your life, you’re dreaming about it, day and night.

You long for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. You definitely want to let go of that procrastination.

Do you recognize this?

  • Postponing important tasks, wherefore problems arise. You do perform under pressure, so at the last minute you mostly save yourself.
  • Sometimes you secretly blame others for your lack of energy and than you’re so done with yourself.
  • Impatient and always in a hurry, but meanwhile you’re idling on the internet for hours, because you sometimes really don’t know how to go on and you’re exhausted.
  • You’re ashamed by you procrastination and you’re just struggling on you own.
  • And sometimes you really believe it’s already too late. 🙁 No, really?

Okay, procrastination. And what now?

How many years until your retirement? Keeping everybody in safe distance? How often aggravating on that stinky bathroom? Always bumping on unfinished projects? Lost opportunities? Sliding down dreams and fading talents. Do you stay where you are or are you just going for it right now?

Because you don’t want one futureday in the mirror…

  • See that person, you never wanted to become, living according to other people’s standards?
  • Unseen and unheard, without ever having taken the risk?
  • And all your knowledge, talent, love, passion and power unused and not lived?
  • Boring and ‘safe’ and very unhappy? And than blaming ‘the others’?

No, it’s not to late!

Are you around 40-50? Than you’re about halfway. 🙂

I’m going to help you to also stop procrastination, so you will start DOING what you WANT to do!

To be continued …
Me and my website are under construction.

I’m really enjoying working on it.
There will be more very soon!

Enjoy the summer!

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