John Cleese

DAY 58  Eight weeks after breaking my ankle on multiple places I’m back to walking. This is an amazing time, very interesting and it’s changing me. I was used to run around, I had to see the sea at least once a week and I had to swim all through the year. Many habits I couldn’t do in the past two months, so I focussed on different things, like my healing, my deeper desires, my deeper programs, forgiving, loving, living through emotions, neutralising, raising my frequency, etc. etc.

After six weeks the doctor sent me home without a walking cast. She told me I did’t need it and I saw the X-ray myself with beautiful bones. They had grown back in the right shape. All those cells knew exactly what to do. But what about me, what do I know?

My attempt to heal myself and my ankle

  1. I accepted the situation as a learning option and a chance for change.
  2. I decided not to complain, not to worry, but to trust myself and my health.
  3. I chose John Cleese and his British comedy collegues as my healers and watched them at least a few hours every day.
  4. I chose Louise Hay to talk to me when I fell and was asleep every night to work on myself, to reprogram my thought patterns, when I was out of conscious.
  5. I listened to my needs, ate and drank only what I wanted when I wanted.

And every day I appreciated my life, my health, my legs, my new tools (the Titanium screws and plate in my leg, the crutches, the wheelchair) and I felt so blessed knowing this handicap is only temporarely. I had two or three down days, because too much pain can make me grumpy. Now I take painkillers if it gets too bad, because I want to do my exercises to get back to real walking.

When I’m aware I choose my thoughts. I focus on what benefits me and my healing. I’ve done the concerts with my choir and now I’m on a choir-break. When I couldn’t do my daily work I did what I love to do as well. Or I did nothing or I watched stuff like this. I created a new patreon page to be supported in the work I do.

Today I’m learning to walk and it’s the first day I’m wearing shoes. At fysiotherapy I was able to stand on my toes and I felt pure joy when tears run down my face.

To be continued …   (Part of my 100 days of healing tour)
© Jeannette van Uffelen