This summer (2019) I will be back in the beautiful, green and friendly Mount Pilion area in Greece for two relaxing and uplifting workshop-retreat weeks. Join me?!

  • From Saturday June 1 to 8 in Anilio.
  • From Monday July 1 to 8 in Kissos.

International holistic centre Kalikalos is built for people who prefer to combine leisure, sun bading and idling with (personal) development, so it is a perfect place for a relaxing retreat. And all that for a very nice price.

‘Your Inner Power’

The best experience you can have is the experience of changing your mind. Give yourself permission to do so. You’re worth it.

WHAT? … workshop in retreat

We learn better when we are relaxed. When we play we addept things easier and so a retreat is a pleasant way to improve yourself; learn some things, while you’re relaxing, outdoors in a nice climate.

Our subconscious mind is wiser and faster than our conscious logical thinking. Everything you need to know is already somewhere inside you, but we have unlearnt to listen to it. When you learn to let go your (limiting) emotions and when you dare to change the way you think your life transforms.

In the summerworkshops you learn techniques to improve the cooperation of your mind, your body and your spirit and so it gets easier to listen to your guts. You will experience the liberating effect this gives you.

HOW? … techniques


For thousands of years tapping on or puncturing into meridians (energylines) was done in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), called acupuncture or -pressure. In Japan it is called Shiatsu. We in the West call it Tapping. This is applied in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and EFT (Emotion Focussed Transformation) to relax your body and to let go of what’s bothering your mind. It is super simple and you can do it any time.


You learn how to bring yourself in a deeper state of relaxation. Lowering brain frequencies you can teach yourself. Stress gives many complaints to human beings and by relaxing yourself you improve your mental and physical health. Than you start approaching yourself, the world and life in a calmer way. And so you get better working relationships with yourself, your partner, children, collegaes, friends, etc.


Then you change everything around you changes. You connect with the unlimited plentiful source, where you find everything you need. It’s already there! You can do it without the need to be sure and know HOW to do it and WHAT exactly. So you just begin.

WHY? … the result

By the use of these techniques you change and your life changes. Applying what you’ve learnt …

  • resolves negative limiting habits and beliefs,
  • creates a loving relationship with yourself, the others and the world,
  • helps you to let go of what you don’t need anymore,
  • makes you realise who you really are and what your purpose is,
  • gives you courage to do what you’ve been longing for.

Using these techniques also helps you to get rid of stress, problems, limitations and unrest. You learn your mind and body to relax, no matter the circumstances, by using practical TAPPING and RELEASING stress at anytime.

As a result you can better focus on who you essentially are and what you really want. And you give consequence to this, without getting distracted by old ‘programmes’.

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Daily schedule in Kalikalos (more or less)

Around 7:00 AM there’s a form of body-work (yoga, aerobics, tai chi, etc.) and meditation to start the day relaxed, energised and grounded. After the breakfast buffet around 8:30 AM is the workshop in the group from 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM, interrupted by a short break.

Than we will have a lunch and enjoy our leisure time. We can go to the beach, hike and swim together or … have some time just for yourself.

In the late afternoon, we will cook together and do maintenance, take care of the organic garden, pick some fruits, laundry, stuff like that. We all help to keep the place running well. We are with many, so It’s little work to do for each of us. You do a little job a few times in the week and you’ll have plenty of time for yourself.

Dinner around 8:00 PM. In the evenings, we will hang out around a campfire, lie in hammocks, read, talk, sit, sing, be silent, play, rest … and celebrate life. Except when it is Taverna night, than we all go out to have dinner (and dance) in one of the villages.

The first of the summerworkshops in June is in Anilio, also called the Wild Woods of Kalkalos. In July we do the second workshop in Kissos, a traditional mountain village. Often we walk to the sea, but if you don’t feel like that you’re brought by the car. More about Kalikalos and the locations you find here.