Your Inner Power Summer Retreat OLD PAGE

  • Do you want to relax and recharge and some attention for yourself?
  • A few days of rest, silence, letting go? No excess of incentives and obligations. Slow down and be close to yourself?
  • Then this retreat is exactly what you are looking for.
  • We provide delicious healthy food, a balanced, nourishing and inspiring day program with training and meditation, a luxurious and atmospheric location, experienced supervisors and a nice group of fellow participants.
  • We train you to use your potential in a smarter way than you’ve been taught at school, while you relax and have a good time. You will go home with renewed insights and techniques to shape your life from your inner strength.

Do you want to recharge, relax and improve your condition? Have some time for yourself, for silence, for rest and relaxation. No excess of incentives and obligations.

We offer a program and you can choose every day.

  • During this retreat it’s all about you and taking care of your body and mind.
  • Together we create a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and safe.
  • There is a lot possible and you can choose what you participate in every day.
  • We offer you an uncomplicated, practical, flexible and relaxed program.
  • Once you start loving the process of letting go and creating, it becomes easy and a lot of fun too.
Come outside to play with us?

It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain. Unless it is done with PLAY, in which case it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.

Dr. Karyn Purvis

Your Inner Power

  • You will stay in villa Leda or a nearby apartment with swimming pool, decorated with lush flowers and plants and olive trees.
  • The tranquility and natural beauty is impressive.
  • The clear blue Mediterranean Sea is 50 meters away.
  • In this wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, we help you discover your true potential and learn how to use it for the life you choose.
  • Including a view of a sunset over the sea every evening.

The daily program (will be flexible)

Monday September 1805.00 pmWelcoming drink for all in the villa and explanation of the program
08.00 pmDinner for all in the villa
Every day07.30 amMeditation and movement
Every day08.30 amBreakfast buffet
Tuesday to Friday10 am / 00.30 pmYour Inner Power Workshop (including coffee & tea break)
Tuesday10.00 amYIP Workshop 1: Self image and perception
Wednesday10.00 amYIP Workshop 2: Conscious and subconscious programming
Thursday10.00 amYIP Workshop 3: Making peace with yourself and the past
Friday10.00 amYIP Workshop 4: How to let go and change your self-limiting habits
Every day01.00 – 02.00 pmLunch buffet
Every day02.00 – 06.00 pmFree Time / walks in nature / excursions (optional)
Saturday September 2310.00 amPacking, cleaning and leaving
12.00 amTo the airport or to Corfu town for a trip (optional)
+ 3 extra days in CorfuEXTRA OPTIONStay for 3 more days in the Kerkyra to visit some of the Ionian history
  • We work in a group with great fellow participants, where everyone goes through their own development.
  • There is room for each individual and there is no obligation to share all your experiences in the group.
  • We wake up with the sound of the birds and we start the day with meditation and movement. It’s not about how “good” or “flexible” you are. It’s about what feels right for you and your body. Anke is a professional trainer in total workout, body pump and nidra yoga. She offers alternatives for every movement and adapts to everyone’s individual possibilities.
  • After breakfast we do a YOUR INNER POWER workshop. Jeannette specializes in stress release through self-hypnosis, tapping and mindwork. She is driven to teach you how to let go of stress, make peace with your past and how to create a life full of love. Her training is practical and at the end of this retreat you will know exactly WHAT you can DO and HOW to do it.
  • The daily morning program is in the quiet area around the villa with a large garden, a covered area and a swimming pool. After the workshop there is a lunch buffet. There will be an offer every day between 2:00 and 6:00 pm, from which you can choose. A walk in nature, an excursion or museum. There is plenty to experience. You can go with us or on your own.
  • After 6 pm there is no program and you are free to find your own kind of meal or make one your own, alone or with your housemates. Greek cuisine is delicious and diverse, so we will choose a nice taverna every evening and leave the cooking to the Greeks.

Where & When in 2023

  • Arrival on Monday September 18 at 05.00 pm in the villa.
  • Departure on Saturday September 23 around noon.
  • OPTIONAL: stay the weekend in Corfu-town.
  • After your booking you will get the details and address.
  • We will stay in a private villa or a nearby apartment.
  • You can choose a single private room if you prefer.
  • All daily breakfast and lunch we eat together in the villa.
  • For dinner we go out, so everyone can pick and choose their favourite kind of food.

For Jeannette van Uffelen, Greece is a second home and long ago she dreamed of working in Greece. In 2015 she came to Athens for training and before she knew it she was giving sessions there a few weeks a year. Since 2015 she started to give her YOUR INNER POWER workshops in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and of course in Greece. In 2020, organizing retreats became a bit more difficult, but this year she is going all out again. No longer in the beautiful Pelion peninsula, as in the early years, but now on Kerkyra, because it is easy to reach directly from all over Europe. And when you’ve been there you understand that she has a soft spot for the Ionian Islands. This summer she will do the retreat in good company of Anke Smallegange, who will set us in motion every day, and Lito Kampioti, who is taking of the catering overall support.

YIP Team 2023

Anke Smallegange
Lito Kampioti
Jeannette van Uffelen