After many years of giving sessions for all kinds of problems I now only make appointments for one single session. The interesting part with scheduling for more than one time is that clients and myself have time to postpone the biggest issue to the next session. If we agree to have only one meeting, we have to solve it in that meeting. So I just go to the root of the problem as thorough as I’m able to and we clean up all we find within 2 hours.

And there’s always a lot of change in the first session, when the client is willing to open up and work with me, no matter the fear or resistance, whatever happened.

If possible I don’t spend much time on explaining how to tap or what to do exactly or how it works. People can get all that information from my book (only in Dutch right now), blogs or online videos. This way I’ve made it fast and simple deep work in a short time. Of course people are welcome to do another session when they want to.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You stumble on the same problem again and again! And you’ve tried all kinds of everything.
  • Somewhere you seem to understand and know exactly what you have to do.
  • But still your smart brain full of logic doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Or you do see how it could be different, but you don’t make a move, like something is holding you back.
  • Even when everybody thinks your life is amazing, somewhere it’s gnawing.
  • Because you know you are capable of much more.
  • You doubt too much and too long and you keep ‘hanging in’ somewhere.
  • You know that you eat/drink too much. You stick to YouTube or Netflix and go to bed too late.
  • You need a push, because all planning, lists and time management programs don’t make you move at all.

You don’t need to be able to logically explain why it is like it is.
If you knew that you’d solved it already by yourself.

Invest in yourself. If you don’t do it, who does?

Listen to Anna’s story of big change after 2 sessions

All you really need is being incredibly done with yourself and how things go right now. Enough to be willing to put energy, time and money in your improvement. Are you taking 100% responsibility for your life? If the answer is YES you’re welcome! You are worthy of the effort and the investment in yourself!

A session is deeply relaxing and I teach you the basics of techniques to help yourself. I share with you tools to move on independently. Unless you DO it of course. As than you will experience changes.

Anita from Denmark calls her first session “a lifetime experience”.

One single session is € 190,- excl. 21% VAT

I will send you an intakeform and an invoice. When that’s received and approved we make an appointment.

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