In april this year I received a message from Northern Carolina (USA) by Richard Downs jr., who asked me to help him. He had found one of my videos online and had then watched all my videos.

I chose to work with Jeannette, because in her eyes, through her videos, I saw a beautiful combination of compassion and clarity, knowledge, patience and a genuine commitment to help others heal. She inspires me and made me feel accepted and at ease. With her assistance and empowering encouragement I am on my way to getting my life back!

From globe trotter to isolation

Richard, as a violinist and composer, has been travelling all over the world, but at the beginning of this year he was hardly able to get out of the house. He was back to living with his parents and was limited by anxiety, depression and insomnia. Because he was awake early, we did Skype sessions at 5 in the morning (11 a.m. my time).

Richard Downs jr., violinist, recovery from anxiety and depression, talented childRichard appeared to be a musical talent at an early age. He came with his parents and younger siblings from Nicaragua to the USA as a refugee. His parents did everything for his education and of course, so did he. All his time and energy was in playing the violin, which was no playing, but very serious and failure was no option.

When he got to fifty years old his bucket was overflowing and he was annoyed by anxiety and depressions. He got stucked. In 8 sessions we did a big cleanup; I helped him to get rid of some of his beliefs and painful memories and to replace them by more beneficial thoughts, beliefs and feelings about himself, the world, life and opportunities.

Confronting your biggest fear

By the time I was going to Greece for summer workshops and would be less available, Richard was fortunately doing some better, wherefore I could leave him for some weeks. (Sometimes I find it hard to have to help someone only by Skype because of long distance. I’d prefered to work with him in one room or taken him with me out of the house unto the streets.) He had to get out. Exposure! During the summer I kept connected with him through chats.

Thank you so much for your words my dear Jeannette! You have been there with me in the lowest … With deep gratefulness and love!

Richard Downs jr., Richard Allen Downs, anxiety, fear, depression, Faster EFT, Emotion Replacement

DO IT! The threat is in your head

When someone tells me: “When I stay home alone the walls come towards me”, I say: “Stay home tonight and wait for what happens.” I know actually that walls don’t move. Fear is inside your head. Contronting yourself and to come across your fear is in such cases the best solution. You have to experience life. That was also the case with Richard. Finally he collected courage and encountered his fear, instead of avoiding it, what he had tried for long in many ways.

After the summer Richard set some huge steps, literally and figuratively; he created a breakthrough. He even accepted an offer by an orchestra to play some concerts again. He can still play the violin beautifully and now is able to approach it a little more flighty. Of course I’m very content with the results. I have been tough on him and left him swimming in the mud. Sometimes this has to be done. And he got it all.

Thank you so much for your true words and your sense of humor ????, dear Jeannette you are right!! I receive your words! ❤️????????????

Brave man

beautiful smile, Richard Downs jr., violinist, composer, Richard is flyingSometimes his fears still capture him, but he knows he can not run away. “Go get them!” is my advice. That’s what he does right now, sometimes shivering, but doing it anyway.

No matter how we got our fears, there’s always a way to get rid of them. If you want it, if you take responsibility for your own life and if you’re brave enough to ask for help. One of his desires was to be able to travel again and we’ve worked on it, of course. Last week he flew to his girlfriend in Mexico. Un hombre valiente!

Jeannette is a very skilled therapist. I was experiencing panic and anxiety about many things and at times I could not even get out of my apartment, but she could speak to me in a way that gave me the courage to risk and face my fears, without being too agressive or overbearing and when she could see I tried my best and could do no more, she also became very comforting and empathic.
She gave me room to speak my mind and even to disagree with her procedures without it being a threat to knowledge or skills as she is very confident and humble at the same time.
With Jeannette, I did not feel I was having a session with a therapist who follows a dogmatic set of cookie cutter molds, but she is fluid, flexible, intuitive and feels the client’s deep needs and adapts accordingly.

I felt her more as a close friend with whom I could easily open to my deepest fears and doubts. Now that is quite a gift!

Richard Downs jr., Mexico, overcoming anxiety, Faster EFT, Emotion Replacement Therapy, really helping people, confrontation, exposure

Sharing his story

Richard gave me his music; his compositions, improvisations, all. And the rights to use them in my videos, sessions and wherever I want. He wants to be more than a violinist. In the future he wants to help people, who suffer from fear of failure, anxiety or depression, like he experienced himself. That’s why he wants my to share his story and he recommends me to people (in his field) who live with such fears.

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