The rate is € 85,- per hour excluding 21% VAT, according to Dutch law.

The first session takes about 2 hours and I will do an intake and treatment. A  session can also take longer or shorter, depending on your condition and what we can work on. Together we’ll take care of you leaving the office with a good feeling, no matter how long the session takes.

Even when there is a breakthrough in the treatment, patterns done for a long time, habits and beliefs, tend to come back. That’s why repeating the process a few times is necessary and mostly it is not all done in one session.

That’s the reason I offer packages of 10 to 20 hours, which can be extended. Because I want transformation for the rest of your life I might recommend more. How many sessions you will do depends on different factors, like your mental and physical condition. For one it’s good to work through a lot in some hours, for someone else a few short sessions work better. I will tune in with you.

You pay per session beforehand by booking on this website.

The workshops, trainings and retreaits have a fixed price, often with an early bird discount, which will be announced on the regarding pages.