Quit smoking

Many years of your life you didn’t smoke and you didn’t understand why people did it. As a child you very likely disgust it and you might remember quite well you were able to live without nicotine.

When I grew up everyone around me was smoking; my parents and grandparents, the teachers at elementary school (yes, in the classroom as well), even the gymteacher and the handball trainer. Moviestars were smoking, the queen and the princes. The king still smokes, but not in picture anymore. So when I was 12 I started smoking. Why? Not because it tasted good, but I got used to it and smoked for years.

There’s always a reason

It’s many years ago that I quit smoking. After I stopped I gained a lot of weight in the first year, because I went from one habit (addiction) to another. I’ve done that for years and therefore I’m an expert on almost all substances. I don’t miss smoking at all since long and it saves me a lot of money. I was always curious and experimental, so I’ve used almost anything. Therefore I know all trics addicts use, to themselves and others.

Once you had a reason to start smoking. Curiousity, participating, distraction, escaping, do you remember it? And than it became a habit and than an addiction. And now you don’t know how to stop it. Maybe you’ve done all kinds of attempts or have even been treated for smoking.

In my Stop Smoking Packet I offer you an approach, whereby we don’t only focus on the substance; the sigaret, sigar, shag, pipe, nicotine, tobacco and sugar. Yes, cigarettes contain sugar. But we also take care of the underlying need that makes you smoke in the treatment. This is what makes it so hard to quit, through which you keep on battling.

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Relaxing journey

My technique is a fascinating exploration, whereby in the unconscious brain (let’s say: the autopilot) we bring changes in an old familiair habit. It’s a relaxing journey, because I teach you to use deep relaxing techniques, with surprising results. This works fast and it is much easier than al the demands to stop from willpower, with which you hunt and trouble yourself. After which you have to comfort yourself with … a sigaret.

I am specialized in addictions around eating, drinking, smoking and other limiting patterns. I’ve also helped people who were addicted to harddrugs. I know these habits quite well, because for many years I took less care of myself than I do now. My life became more peaceful, much more. And so did I.

Life without addictions

My greatest passion is to help people to live without any addiction and without restricting themselves. It is possible, for you as well. And throught the methods I use it will be so much easier. Not in fighting with yourself, but by using your brain in a  different and better way, learning to communicate with your subconscious system. If you change it in there, the rest will be a piece of cake. Imagine what you can do with the money you safe the next 10, 20 or 30 years you don’t smoke?

Sugar, alcohol and smoking are the worst habits, because they are socially accepted. You can buy this stuff everywhere and everyone uses it. When you shoot heroin there’s social pressure not to do it. When your collegue brings a birthday cake there’s social pressure to take it. Otherwise you’re not social. Dependency on whatever what substance, including environmental approval, makes you weaker and limits your freedom, Choose for yourself!

Do you want to be smokefree?

I offer a package, wherein by using ERT (Emotion Replacement Therapy) all desire and emotional attachment to smoking is resolved. I teach you how to apply this yourself.  If you’re afraid to get fat when you stop smoking, it might be smart to do a combination with the Healthy Weight packet. We can tailor made it all together in one extended package when you don’t want to exchange one bad habit for another.

The Quit Smoking Packet contains 5 hours in sessions and can be expanded, but mostly that’s not necesarry. The main thing is that you’ve really decided you want to stop it, not because your partner, your doctor or someone tells you so. You help yourself by following the instructions during and after the sessions. If you do that success is guaranteed and you will be done with it soon.

Because it can be more funny, lovely and easy.