A package or a session? You can choose from several options and try it all out. Check out the packages, that differ in goal, size, price and frequency. And take what suits best for you at this moment. Or start with 1 trial session.

choose the trial session and experience what it is like, eutaptics, out on the rooftop, outdoor sessions, life is good

START with 1 trial session

One on one sessions are powerful in the way I work. You can come for a straight forward live meeting, but it also works very well online via Skype of Zoom and even by phone.

I guarantee you change in the first session. And so you can experience something new, with immediate result. I offer packages, but you can start with one single trial session.

basic package has 3 sessions, dive deeper and clean up old stuff

Dive deeper with the BASIC

Have you noticed that certain behaviour or (physical) problems are coming back everytime? Than there might be a deeper lying cause, like unconscious ‘old’ sadness, fear or trauma, that wants to be found. So you can free yourself from it.

There’s always a reason. And that’s what packages are for, to clean up and improve. Check out the BASIC package.

Go like a PREMIUM rocket

The PREMIUM package is the ultimate investment in yourself. And a good beginning of a new year and comparable with the (spring) cleaning.

Cleaning up old sadnesses, unresolved experiences or trauma makes you move forward like a rocket. And than you’re going to determine your own course and never loose track anymore, no matter the circumstances or the situation in the world around you.

norway, intensive, working for some days in a row, dive deeper and go to the bottom, clean up old emotional blockage

Going deep in the INTENSIVE

The three days INTENSIVE is your chance to get ‘to the bottom’, to find what is emotionally left behind. Because you’re ready to definitely clean it up.

You don’t need to be sick for wanting to be better.

Deep work that creates a pressure cooker effect and results in fundamental transformation. Very fast and permanent.

practitioner package, experience as a client, peek the therapist, eft, tapping, miracles happen

Experience for PRACTITIONER

When you want to start working as a therapist or coach, it means that at first you have to learn to make a distinction between the emotional response of the client and your own reaction.

In the PRACTITIONER Package you just work on yourself and you get the chance to peek the art when I’m working with you. These are complete sessions and you get out of it what you put into it.

Live sessions or online

If any questions, please contact me.