Your Trial Session

Your Trial Session will take 2 hours and includes the intake. You’ll experience some changes and I teach you how to tap on yourself. It is a good way to get to know me and the way I work.

Hourly rate = € 85,- + 21% VAT (according to Dutch Law)

Basic Package = € 85,- x 2 = € 170,00
+ 21% VAT = € 35,70

TOTAL price is € 205,70

Stress Release, Trauma, changing memories, release your stress, get rid of traumatic experiences, relief yourself, set your mind free, let it go of the past

You can order in the form below. Or check other options below the orderform.

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If possible, please choose to use PayPal.

Or, if you prefer, you can transfer € 205,70 (only in Euro currency) to my bank account at ASN Bank Nederland: NL32ASNB0943073774 in the name of: Jeannette van Uffelen, BIC (SWIFT) code: ASNBNL21. And send me an email when you’ve done so. As soon as I’ve received this, I will contact you to schedule your first session. Thank you!

You can pay with your Credit Card, but it costs both of us more and takes longer to transfer.

Please, check the information about packages I offer, like the Basic Package.