DAY 93   My fysiotherapist suggested me this week to get in the car and try to push the clutch. So I did it today.

We have real summer weather, so we drove around with the windows open and it felt so good. Yes, my foot hurts, but it hurts as well when I stay at home, with or without icepacks, into or out of a bucket filled with cold water, standing on it or have it lifted up high, it hurts anyway at the moment. So I drove with that same uncomfortable feeling, but I was crossing the city and had a drink with the kids, sitting in the sun. And a friend I hadn’t seen for long, passed by and we had a nice chat.

Feels good, meeting people, having more space, moving around, being part of the world.

And, at the same time, I was so very happy to come home, back to my cats and my solitude and silence. PEACE …

To be continued …   (Part of my 100 days of healing tour)
© Jeannette van Uffelen

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