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This is the confirmation of your registration for the 10 minutes TAP-lesson. I thank you wholeheartedly for subscribing! Below on this page is an image of a red clock. And when you click on it you are where you want to be.

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… because I also have something else for you. And you may find that maybe even more fun than this 10 minutes TAP-lesson. You can shortly read and watch it and in 10 minutes you already learn a lot, but you can also just

do a total workshop!
or (Be crazy) two workshops in 1 package!

You can do it nicely at home, in your own decliner or on your hometrainer, via your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone or via a huge screen. Whatever you like. It’s a LIVE workshop, that we have recorded.

A one-off offer that will never come back

This offer applies for you now, you can use it in 5 days. After that it’s not possible any longer.

What is that one-off offer?

Maybe you’ve already seen it; on this website is the LIVE workshop YOUR INNER POWER, where I extensively explain about reprogramming, Faster EFT, about how the brain works and how you, by using the tapping technique, can reduce your stress and create a better life. A life with more relaxation and fun, with less fear, pain, depressing thoughts and dito feelings. Even now it looks like many people seem to have lost it.

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your inner power workshop, eenmalige aanbieding, aanbod, korting, vandaag geldig.
Bekijk de informatie en de trailer over de opgenomen LIVE workshop

The price is actually € 150,- per workshop, but you get a second workshop as a BONUS with it. Totally free of charge. This workshop is already at this website for the price of € 89,-, but now you get the complete package for half of the price, which is € 39,- inclusive.

One-off offer = NOW for the whole package: € 39,-

Sorry, but I had to mention this!

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