My blogs

Regularly and irregular I write some sentences in a book, a notebook or a blog. And sometimes I record a videomessage about a thought, my vision on a theme or an example from my practice. Or in response to my daily life.

These stories you can find in the Blogs menu. I appologise for the occasions it sounds a little like Dunglish, that’s because I’m Dutch and English is not my native language. I was asked and supported by clients from abroad to blog and vlog in English, so the result is this website. My Dutch website is here.

Last year (2017) I’ve broken my ankle, which forced me to sit down for weeks, to change my attitude towards myself and (my) life. This was a very interesting proces, I learnt a lot and I’ve been writing about it and called this my ‘100 days of healing tour’. I’m an optimist and it showed to take much longer than 100 days. 😉 These blogs are on this site as well.

Before I made this website and did this work there were some other stories to tell. The curious people can find them here in the ‘Before this’ section.