Faster EFT – Eutaptics

My method is a blend of different techniques, discolored by me. After years of experiencing a diversity of cognitive and physical therapies, I now mainly use

  1. Tapping, Faster EFT (Emotional Focussed Transformation)
  2. ERT (Emotion Replacement Therapy) en EEG Scientific Hypnotherapy

Therefore the last few years I’ve mainly been trained abroad. I prefer to learn from the masters themselves. By Robert Smith I am trained to an Advanced Level 4 Faster EFT Practitioner. Two times I was invited by him to help addicts with this technique in his Habilitat-team on Hawaii. I also assist Robert during his seminars in Europe. Faster EFT is not acknowledged in The Netherlands, but that doesn’t explain anything about the quality and effectivity of this work. The results speak for themselves.

The unconsious mind is faster

In most cases 5 to 10 sessions are needed to realise fundamental change. Sometimes less, seldom more. A cognitive therapy treatment often starts with 20 sessions. Count your profit! (Dutch expression) I don’t give any advice according to taking pills, supplements, food or lifestyle. I work with the subconscious, which you might also call your Supermind. In there you already know it all. I help you to use your supermind better, so you can deploy it for what you dó want in your life, in stead of repeating yourself over and over again automatically.


Tapping is striking with the fingers on meridians (energywires in the body). I only tap on the head, the face, arms and the upper body, which causes a deep relaxation. I teach everyone how to practice tapping themselves in all kind of situations and moments of stress, wherefore you can relax yourself more and faster. Tapping facilitates direct communication with your subconscious system and therewith we make room for solving old restrictive patterns.

Faster EFT?

Faster EFT (Emotional Focussed Transformation) is also named ‘Eutaptics’ and is a collection of advanced techniques and processes that holds elements of TFT (Thought Field Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) and science. Faster EFT is an effective method to remove painful memories and stored emotional ballast from your ‘system’ and to replace it with self affirming emotions and beliefs. This can cause significant changes within a few minutes; liberation and new perspective. Tapping is part of a Faster EFT session.

Hypnosis or trance

More often than you might think you are ‘in hypnosis’! When you daydream or get caught in a movie or a book, or when you’re listening to a good story or are busy on your smartphone. Hypnosis is actually ultimate concentration, wherefore you’re not aware anymore of what’s going on around you.

An experience like this is also called ‘trance’. Triggers from outside yourself are put on a sideway. You don’t have to sit still for this to happen, because we all go into trance once in a while when driving a car, a bike or walking. Before you know it you arrive where you wanted to be, without that you’ve consciously been thinking about it.

Repetition is essential in my technique

Research shows that to really effectuate something, we have to read, see, do, feel, experience something more often. So that means repetition and that’s the reason I offer packages in stead of single sessions. I do not thrive for one Aha Experience, but for everlasting structural change, so that after some sessions your problem is really down.

Assisting in Eutaptics Seminar, Berlin, 2019