Welcome to WEEK 1 of GOOD in your body

Thanks again for choosing to join me in this wonderful 12 weeks program to be GOOD in your BODY.

This week I will invite you in my BITCH Tribe, but I have to solve some technical issues. And as I want you to start, no matter what, we do it this way this time.

Step 1.1 Watch the video below

Step 1.2 Take a moment to quite down

Your next step is to find 20 minutes time and a nice place to sit down, just by yourself. You can use a headset or play this audiofile on your phone or your laptop. Only do this when you sit down, so don’t try to be smart and combine this listening with any other activity. That’s not smart, but stupid. 😉 ! Enjoy it!

Step 1.3 – Watch this video

This Are Your Ready video is an old one, so please don’t pay attention to the links and the name I had by then skillstochange.eu.

And take a piece of paper and answer the questions below the video. Just for yourself or, when you like, share them with me.

Step 1.4 – Time for some real questions

You can download this document on your own laptop. Of course it’s only for you to use it, not for sharing it online or sending it to your friends. 😉

When you have any questions? Just let me know by email: yes@jeannettevanuffelen.nl.

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