The PREMIUM Package is a multiday individual INTENSIVE which creates a pressure-cooker-effect and results in faster changes. In daily sessions in a row you learn to let go fast and easy and the results you’ve been longing for come soon and stick. I help you to unleash perseverant limiting patterns and therefore space arises for healthier, virtuous habits.

When you get stucked everytime …

Did you notice that, although attempts not to do it, you seem to repeat that-what-you-do-not-want in your relationships, your job, your eat/drink/smoke habits, etc.? If you’re really fed up with this, it might be time for a BOOST, an intensive multiple days journey.

The cells in our bodies renew themselves night and day, our brain develops and our body grows, so you still can change, but if in your thinking (belief, convictions) you repeat the same patterns over and over you get the same result.

It doesn’t cost you more than 20 minutes to change a belief.
And when you do that a world of possibilities opens up.
(Richard Bandler)

You can create your life! You’re already doing it, but from learnt habits and conclusions you once made about youself, life as it is and the world. With, as a result, you create again and again what you don’t really want.

If you truly release what you don’t need anymore you can choose something that suits you and so your life becomes easier, your health better, along with your wellness, your relationships, your job and your daily life. Than you can be who you really are. So you can be yourself, differently than the others, unique and special.

PREMIUM Package at home

For whatever what reason you might not be able to come to me, just now when you need it the most and/or you feel the greatest need to solve something fundamentally … ?

There might be all kinds of reasons for this, like:

  • You feel too sick to travel.
  • You lack the courage to be away from home for a few days.
  • Your boss doesn’t allow you to be gone for some days. 
  • You have your business, family, circumstances why you can’t be missed for long.

In such a situation I can come to you. I’ve done this before, as well in The Netherlands as abroad.

Your motivation to do the PREMIUM Intensive journey can be anything. You can have the feeling your progrestination, illness, fear, phobia, depression, grief, addiction or something comparable, limits you significantly and you want to change that NOW.

meerdaagse intensief traject, stress release specialist, Jeannette van Uffelen

PREMIUM options

  1. I come to your town, I stay in a hotel or B&B in walking distance from your home and we do daily sessions. *)
  2. Or: You come to Den Haag, stay in a hotel or B&B and come to my office for sessions everyday. **)
  3. My office is in Den Haag South; a 15 minute walk to the beach and a 20 minute ride by public transport or bike to the centre of town. You will have time to visit musea and the historical centre, if you like. We can advice you considering your place to stay.
  4. You can call me to consult your considerations.
  5. We will always agree about dates and time in advance, via phone or Skype.

*) When I come to you all extra expanses like hotel, room or travel tickets have to be covered.
**) When you come to me you can use my Airbnb or one in my area. Ask me for the details.

Whatever it is … it’s time to let it go!