For the three days INTENSIVE you come to me and you will be fully taken care of. It is profound work that creates a pressure-cooker-effect and that results in fundamental transformation. You stay in a Bed & Breakfast in my area and come to my place 3 days in a row.

You get daily sessions, in where I help you to let go. And the results you’ve been longing for come soon and stick. I help you to unleash perseverant limiting patterns and therefore space arises for healthier, virtuous habits.

Grant yourself a better life

Eatingproblems are always connected to emotions and have in their origin in most cases nothing to do with food. Often we don’t understand what’s under the gaining and losing weight pattern. And even less how to solve this. But there’s no everlasting therapy needed to get rid of it. It demands some courage, willpower and perseverance.

It doesn’t cost you more than 20 minutes to change a belief.
And when you do that a world of possibilities opens up.
(Richard Bandler)

Free from the agony that detained me for years

Jeannette gave me daily sessions. I had to be awakened. She is tough and very straighforward, she didn’t make it easy, but this way she speeded up the process of letting go and liberation. She is dedicated and knows what she’s doing, straight from the heart. She had a lot of knowledge about the specific situation that caused my problems and before she came she gave me ‘homework’. Therefore I was ‘ripe’ to let go and free myself from the agony that detained me for years. My life has changed significantly in less than a week time.

Lene kvivisen – school coordinator – Moss – Norway

Sadness, pain and fear are often not visible. Even not for the person self. We suppress or ‘forget’ painful memories, because we unconsciously ‘protect’ ourselves against pain.

But when you really release ‘old pain’ your life gets much easier. Because rest grows into yourself, into your body, in your relationships, your work and your daily life. You become who you actually really are; different different from the others, unique and special. And your body forms itself like who you allow yourself to be.

When you let go, everything you don’t need anymore, lets you go.

Make a list of what you want to get rid of in your life (1). And make another list of what you do want into your life (2). Many people are very good in making a long nr. 1 list, but arrive with a very small nr. 2 list. Take time for it, becaue the better you prepare, the more you get out of it. The order of the list doesn’t maater. We check it when you’re here.

Sometimes confronting, but most of all liberating.

Jeannette listens very good. And than she approaches me in my world and my language. She does that very consistent. Everytime I go home after a session, I notice: Hey, something has changed. I notice it at the moment she works with me, because suddenly that feeling is gone. And I can’t find it back again. Jeannette is good. I tell it to everybody. Not everybody dares to do this, because it’s really different. Sometimes confronting, but most of all liberating.

Brigida Mota – mechanical engineer – The Hague – The Netherlands

(Adjustable) Program for the 3 days INTENSIVE

1st day

  • around 3 pm I welcome you
  • dinner
  • session + intake + inventarisation

2nd day

  • meditation
  • breakfast
  • session
  • light lunch
  • session
  • dinner
  • relaxation

3rd day

  • meditation
  • breakfast
  • session
  • light lunch
  • session
  • closing around 3 pm

INTENSIVE at sea or anywhere else in the country

When you’re not capable to come to me, sometimes it’s possible that I come to you. In the past years I’ve been travelling to clients, in The Netherlands and abroad, to do intensives.

Intensive Package € 1.495,- excl. 21% VAT

You can eventually pay in 3 installments.

Whatever it is … it’s time to let it go!

By the end of day 1 the worst work was already done

Jeannette didn’t leave me any room for procrastination, but helped me at first to approach the most difficult problems and did as fast as possible what had to be done. Of this I learned by confronting myself directly with what appeared to me as the most difficult, I could experience that in reality it wasn’t as bad as the images I creatie in my mind. At the end of the first day the hardest work was already done. I feel relieved. And I’m so proud at myself. Thanks to Jeannette.

Sandra Simacek – project manager – Nürnberg – Germany

Blown away at the Northsea shore, with Sarah from Athens
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