Focus on one person on all levels of the conscious and subconsiousness

Individuals meet me in one on one sessions and it works great for the methods I use. Honestly, I prefer to work with every person life in the same room, because than I can take full responsibility for the place, no disturbance, etc. till the job is done.

Working online with individuals

Sessions with individuals also work on Skype, Facetime, Viber, Zoom or any other online meeting tool, but than I can’t prevent from noise at the door or stuff happening around the person I’m working with. In spite of that I’ve had great meetings online and did very effective work. It might need some more focus, but it can be done. Most of the  sessions I received as a client were done through Skype or Zoom, because I had my helpers abroad. I’m the first Faster EFT Level 4 practitioner in The Netherlands, so I had to get my sessions elsewhere. And it worked, even when they were in Australia, Austria or anywhere else.

I’ve been working online with people in almost all the continents. Once I had a beautiful session with a woman in Bejing, China, while her mother was hoovering the house and her husband was sitting next to her. They didn’t hear me and my client was openly talking to me, not bothered by the people or sounds around her, knowing they didn’t understand English. If you really want it you always find a way to communicate.

There has been situations where I felt it wasn’t working that well, so that’s how I started to travel to get closer to my clients in some cases, to get the results I wanted. Ask me if you think that’s what you need.

Life sessions or online

I offer different packages for individual sessions, you can all find in this menu. I advice people to do more than one session. It is a myth that it can all be done in a few minutes (although you might get the impression on You Tube), because we are running our behaviour, our programs for many years. So the change can be done in one session, but if you don’t do some more, big chance the problem will be back soon, because a part of us doesn’t want to change. Not on purpose, just for a good reason, which is: to keep us safe. But safety isn’t really there, that’s an illusion.

If any questions, please contact me.

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Yvonne in Den Haag for an intensive weekend at my office in 2016.