In the beginning

In the beginning … I grew up in a restless and unsafe environment and that bothered me without me knowing what bothered me.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

In my search to understand a bit of myself, humanity and life I’ve done a lot. I’m practical so I’ve first tried and tested all means and methods on myself. And so I became and expert in creatively use the neuroplasticity of the human brain.

A good chef tastes every dish always before she serves it.

I worked in psychiatry and crisis intervention, childcare, the ICT, professional education and corporate. And I’ve done advice- and board functions in small business and Waldorf schools. Since 2003 I’m an entrepreneur in my own practice.

I was educated in integral psychology, social work (BSW) and Information & communication technology (BICT) and I learned bio-energetics, kahuna and shiatsu. I practiced taichi, yoga and pilates and I meditate every day.

My own style – graceless and uncensored

Some people want to know what kind of educations I’ve done, so that’s why I put the list above, but in the end that’s not the most important.

Know all theories and all techniques, but when you touch a human soul, just be another human soul.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

Meanwhile doing all this I developed my own style and what once was my problem (graceless and uncensored questioning) is the core of my method. Is do this with easy and this appears to work well. Therewith I use relaxing techniques like tapping (on meridians) and subtle bodywork and I enjoy this work and the results I get, very much.

EFT tapping doesn’t only has a calming effect on the psyche, but it turns out to bring visible changes in the physical body and DNA. I’m the living proof of it, but now there’s ‘scientific proof’ as wll. Some of us need that to dare to apply it in their own life. Such results interest me, but ‘the science’ is for me just another religion. It’s a matter of perception.

Letting it go

In many therapies you learn tricks to ‘deal with it’ or you get a pill. I don’t do that. Overweight, underweight, addiction and depression are symptoms, not the problem. And when you want to solve something you have to approach the cause (the root of the problem), because symptom control never solved anything. And cleaning leftovers of the past can be done in little time with the method I practice. You don’t even have to tell it all. You let it go and your body always follows.

People claim I’ve changed their lives and that I bring lightness in live. Further they say that with me solving serious problems and impediments become simple and even fun.