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Americans, Italians, Aussies, Dutchies, Roemanians, English and Greeks having fun while they’re learning to tap at my ‘Your Inner Power’ workshop in Anilio in Greece.

When you bring people together in groups something extra is happening always, because individuals respond to each other; group dynamics. Attendees in a group have something to offer to each other. The fee for learning in a group is lower per person than for individual sessions and therefore what I offer gets available for more people. For more than 25 years I’ve been working with groups, mostly in cooperation with collegues from the same discipline or a different one. Still it’s fascinating.

Theme groups

A few times a year I organise a fixed groep around a theme, in where we learn with and from each other.

Some of the themes were:

  1. Think healthy … loose weight.
  2. Eliminating examfear
  3. Your Inner Power

The themes are adjusted through the year. See group training in the menu Groups.

Groups: Your Inner Power workshops

My interactive Your Inner Power workshops take about 3 hours. This is a fast and easy way to get to know me, my vision and the way I work. In 2019 I did all workshops abroad, but in 2020 I will do more in The Netherlands again.

Workshop Your Inner Power in Norway
Workshop Your Inner Power in Greece

Groups: retreats

The miltiple days retreats I do are intensive projects with a small group of attendees, where you work on your own individual issues, but where you share and support each other. Like the Summerretreat at the Friese (Northern Netherlands) countryside or in Greece.

Any questions? Contact me.

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