Workshops & retreats

On the one side it’s nice to work one on one on yourself. On the other side, in workshops, other people can unintentionally or on purpose be stimulating or confronting. Therefore your proces sometimes unexpected speeds up. Although it can be exciting to do workshops, many people choose to do it, because they know it will produce a lot.

In the spring of 2020 I’ve cancelled all the planned LIVE workshops and trainings abroad. And because the adjustments are completely interminable, I don’t put any energy into it. On the contrary I work daily on making as much as possible available ONLINE. It’s an adjustment, but with using video we’re getting there.

Of course it was wonderful, after work, to eat in France, to swim in Norway, to be blown away in Denmark and to sing and dance in Greece. But the content you can learn in my LIVE trainings has not changed, so you can do it ONLINE as well.

Every human being is unique and by the differences we can learn from and through eachother. When you bring some people together something extra always happens; group dynamics. And when people gather around a certain theme, relationships and a common goal originate, even if it’s different for every individual.

Laugh and cry together

Attendees in a group have a lot to offer to each other, that often appears more or less concidently. Besides that the fee for learning in a group is lower per person and therefore it gets available for more people. Although a workshop can be exciting many people choose it, because they know it delivers a lot.

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Americans, Australians and Europeans learned tapping at my workshops in Greece, 2018.

We are social creatures and we need each other. But sometimes we do care too much about what others think about us. In workshops you can learn how life can be when you become less sensitive to that. In my groups I take care of a safe atmosphere. There’s thinking along and compassion. Sometimes there’s crying together, but above all there’s lots of laughing together. For more than 25 years I’m working with groups. Still it’s fascinating.

Frequently I give workshops, that take one or half a day. Here I give an introduction about tapping and reprogrammering and I make everyone experience my method. This is an introduction to me, my vision and the way I work in a compact form. The recent years I did the workshops abroad, but in 2020 I worked only in my homeland and online.

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And of course we go out together to beaches and tavernas in Greece

Work on yourself that feel like holidays

The multiple days retreats I do are intensive projects with a small group of attendees, where you work on your own individual issues, but where you share and support each other. Like the Summerretreat at the Friesland (Northern Netherlands) countryside or in the Pilion area in Greece.

The plans we had for the Pentacost weekend in France in 2020 we unfortunately had to cancel. As well as the activities we were supposed to do in other beautiful locations in Greece and Scandinavia.

Attendees bring their knowledge and talents with them. Retreats 2019, Greece.

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