Good in your body

You are a too heavy 40+ woman, who NEVER wants to go on a diet anymore and you avoid the stinky gym. But still you want to feel good in your body, think clearly, move smooth and look amazing.

Do you recognise this?

You don’t feel good enough, pretty enough and not attractive enough. And your body shows you proof of that everyday, because you are too fat, to heavy, to big.

You don’t take yourself seriously, because your are to fat to be taken seriously. You experience it every day.

You have closets full of clothes, but they don’t fit you. Whatever you put on, it’s a drama, just like you.

You know there’s more inside you than what you show to the world. But your body is holding you back! At work you keep yourself in the background, you hide yourself from your (possible) partner and even your best friends don’t hear much from you anymore.

You know exactly what you should eat or not, do or not do, but you are done with the whining and all the rules. You’re so tired of it.

And meanwhile you’re growing heavier and heavier.

Jeannette’s work is profound, curious, kind, multidimensional and still down to earth. I could almost call it fun, if fun can also include quite a bit of cleansing crying! I am grateful. The workshop and my first session already brought on a profound positive shift in me. Into an entirely new and sincere sense of forgiveness about something I have been struggling with all my life. This experience has been very uplifting and liberating.

Sarah Kotzamani – Alignment & Mobility – Athens- Greece

What would it be like when … ?

You would feel terrific about yourself: beautiful, interesting and attractive. As inside so outside.

You were showing who you really are and what’s your value, because you know you’re more than your body. And when you listen to yourself and know that you have meaning.

And what if you shoot into your good fitting clothes with ease and fun. How much fun would it be when you look at yourself with a big grin on your face and think: What a fine shrew is standing there!

And how would it be when you enjoy yourself and WHO you are. And that you want to be seen and heard; at home, by your friends and at work. And when you wouldn’t be hindered by what you think they think of you. In other wordt: How would it be like when you didn’t give a shit about other peoples opinion?

When you are relaxed in company. And when you can share the good things in life with each other, because it’s about with whom you eat and not about what or how much.

How would it be when you feel at home in your body and enjoy intimicy with the ones you love.

That is possible now!

In my ONLINE training:

Good in your body, even after 40

A 12 weeks-long course, where I personally guide you to your life without diet and without suffering at the gym.

In 2016 I started this grouptraining, which I since then have developed and optimized and is now also online available for you.

  • This training takes 12 weeks.
  • In the first 3 weeks of the course you receice a module in the form of videos with a workbook, which you can all watch and work out online.
  • In the consecutive 6 weeks your receive a module every fortnight, so module 4, 5 and 6. Because it’s about unlearning and kicking old programs and your have to take some time for it. No Quick Fix!
  • Besides you have 3 individual (online) sessions where I work with you, specifically focussed on to find and let go of unconscious programs around food.
  • And 3 online groupssessions where I demonstrate different techniques and focus on questions from the group.

For you and other attendees after this course there is a course to ensure your results. This is about repeating what you’ve learnt, understanding yourself and releasing old patterns.

Everything learnt can be unlearnt and even what was a habit for years can be unlearnt in 2 seconds. Asign yourself time and space to fundamentally change. You are worthy of it!

Suddenly I could physically feel my body, like it never happened before. I have diabetes and I realised I’m in stressmode all the time. Jeannette guided me in a very loving, but also accurate way. I realised I’ve been confused all my life about human relationships and how it is to be me. I felt in very safe hands of an intelligent woman. I messure my bloodsugar all the time and the next morning it was on a normal level. And I don’t remember this has ever been the case.

Anita Hasnaoui – entrepreneur – Copenhagen – Denmark

Your results after this training

You feel good about yourself and as a result your body changes, that the result is of your thoughts (judgements) about yourself.

You know who you are, you trust yourself and you don’t back down anymore from speaking your mind on those moment when you think it’s important to do so.

You look at your body with appreciation and respect, because your body is your home. You realise that you are more than your body. No matter what you wear: it suits you, from gala dress to jeans. And als the Eve-garb (wearing nothing at all) fits you perfectly. 😉

En je mag genieten. You enjoy who you are and pay little time or attention to food, because you already know what’s good for you and what you like. You’re allowed to eat everything and you follow your taste. Because you eat to feed yourself and for no other reason, applied on you.

Food has become unimportant, whereby you forget it sometimes. It one day tastes super good and when you once in awhile take an extra bite who cares? And what you don’t like … give or throw it away.

You know exactly what you can do to keep this good feeling. For the yoyo fuss you once had reasons. Life goes on and shit happens, so you can still have difficult moments. That’s life. But now you trust yourself now, your strenght and your own capability, wherefore you’re nog afraid anymore to fall into your old pitfalls.

You’re free to choose if you eat, what you eat & how much.

Your investment is 595,- excl. 21% VAT = € 719,95.

You can eventually pay in 3 installments of € 220, excl. 21% VAT
= 3 x € 266,20

Jeannette is a combination of knowledge, patience and a genuine commitment to help others heal. And with her help and encouragement I got my life back! In online sessions we did a big cleanup and I felt her as a close friend with whom I could easily open to my deepest fears and doubts. Now that is quite a gift! I feel deep gratitude for her true words and sense of humor. She has been there with me in the lowest.

Richard Downs jr. – violinist & componiser – Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I follow a diet. Can I do this training?

No, this is a course without a diet for people who don’t want to do diets anymore. So in case you want that, this package is not for you.

2. I follow a diet because of a disease or allergy.

Yes, as long as you don’t diet to loose weight, you can join us.

3. How fast do I get to my goal weight?

This is not a quickfix and you start this program without any goal weight. And when you don’t strive for it you will never reach it. But you are going to experience that it is goed, the way you are. By than you feel good and you look goed. Much more interesting than what a scale has to say to you.

4. Can I do this program out of office time?

Yes, all online info is in reach day and night. And you can start with the workbook at any time you like. The individual online sessions are in office hours between 9.00 and 18.00 hrs. And once in 2 weeks I work on Saturday morning.

5. I use medication. Can I join this course?

Ik ben geen medicus. Yes, you can. As long as you’re not talking about slimpils, because that often is a form of speed. Which means drugs. I discourage that anyway. Whe you doubt, talk to your doctor. I’m not a medic.

Warning upfront

  • This course leads to substantial change on all aspects of your life.
  • It’s NOT about FOOD and absolutely not about DIETING.
  • It’s about YOU! That makes it so interesting!!!
  • Because you are the one (the only one) you can change. And than everything is possible. Think big and think light. 😉
  • We’re going on a search for causes, but not to blame anyone, so if you’re not ready for that, don’t do this.
  • This course is only appropriate for people who take 100% responsibility for their own life, as it is now.
  • When you follow the steps in this course you will get the desired results.
  • Exclusively adequate for people who want to change themselves, not because your partner, your children, your collegues, your mother or the neighbours say so.
  • You have to be resilient, because ‘soft surgeons make stinky wounds’. My straightforward approach saves you a lot of time and detours. And whatever I say, it comes straight from the heart and always with respect.
  • In any case, provided that it’s also from the heart and with respect, you also can say or ask anything you want. Deal? Let’s begin!

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