Invest in yourself en let definitely go all your stress in a short and firm traject!

One day you’ll decide it’s been < ENOUGH >. You’ve tried everything, but eveytime you fall back on to your trusted way to relax yourself and forget your stress.

By example by watching too much TV, drink, smoke, eat, snack, hang out, play games on your smartphone, blow or sleep more than you need. You fight a lonely battle in between keeping the reins tight and releasing them. And this leads to discontent, weight fluctuation, moodswings, shame and other discomfort. Until you’re completely done with it!

When do you know it’s been < ENOUGH > ?

  • When you’re tired all the time.
  • Or when you experience tension or stress.
  • When you’re not satisfied or feel unhappy.
  • And in case you feel sad, depressed or fearful.
  • But also when you’re in doubt too long about every decision.
  • Or when you’re satisfied at work, but as soon as you’re home you start excessive eating, drinking, smoking or something like that.
  • When you struggle with under- of overweight.

You know for yourself when it is < ENOUGH >. Stress and pressure ask for a thorough approach.

ijsjes, snoep, suiker, genoeg, genoeg geweest, het is genoeg, individuele begeleiding, overgewicht, ondergewicht, obesitas, morbide obesitas, boulimia, anorexia, eetstoornis
Sometimes there seem to be no other solution to feel better for a while

The risks of continueing like this?

  • You get used to everything, so also to a stiff, slow or sick body.
  • And so you start avoiding difficult situations.
  • Mental and physical decline becomes ‘normal’.
  • You think you have to solve it all by yourself, so you dabble on alone.
  • Which way you strengthen your negative judgements about yourself.
  • And that makes you taking some more potatoe chips.
  • Or wine, sigarets or cake or you’re going to take care for eveyone except yourself.

Until the day you’re confronted with a heartattack, a TIA or some other serious issue. Maybe you’ve already noticed how bad your condition is? Are you aware of the risks? It’s not too late to change something.

It is not necessary that you’rew able to explain logically why it is the way it is. But there is a solution that works and it’s easier than the hard approach, that you’ve been practicing on yourself for years.


Are you recognising yourself in one of the dilemmas below?

  • The therapist says: “Learn to live with it!” or: “Give it a place.”
  • You don’t have enough time, because your children, your partner, your parents, the neighbours and your job need you very much.
  • And you don’t have money for nonsense like this.
  • Your problem always returns.
  • In the end your disease is ‘genetic, so nothing more to do about it.

“Actually I feel like a wimp” someone recently told me. Her problem was too much drinking and letting the days pass by passively. In her first session I helped her release a lot of sadness, old pain and selfcritisism. Relieved and enthousiastic she went home. A week or two later she informed me that I might hear her someday again, when it would be necessary. The selfimage of a wimp has formed enough habits, like comforting itself with wine, sweets, facebook and other distractions. It asks time and courage to let that all go. But it’s possible and you should award yourself. Because you are so much more than just a wimp.

verslaving, eetstoornis, obesitas, diabetes, overeten, binging, hangen, couchpotatoe, bankhangen, lui, popcorn eten, filmpje kijken, niets nuttigs doen

What is the < ENOUGH > trajection offering you?

< ENOUGH > is a 3 to 6 month lasting trajection, in which you will be guided intensively. I help you solving memories (trauma) and eliminating the accessory pain. With the method I use it is possible to release also what you don’t remember consciously and to remove the pain from your memorysystem.

You don’t need to name it exactly to be able to solve it. And it is also not necessary to tell me all the details. The subconscious knows, is reliable and faster than the logical brain. What was heavy becomes light. What was vague, becomes clear.

Result of the < ENOUGH > trajectory:

  • You will be enabled to definately let go your emotional burdon.
  • Also you will be helped to eliminate your unhealthy habits (addiction).
  • We will rewrite your (family programs around comfort and love.
  • Your limiting beliefs will be replaced by empowering beliefs.
  • Because of this you will realise and acknowledge who you really are.
  • Forgiving makes room for love for yourself and the world around you.
  • And thereafter you know to aim at how you want to live YOUR LIVE.

You are more than your history, your body or your story. From the inside you are unbroken. But you were too busy keeping going, causing you to ‘forget’ who you really are and what your value is. The solution is already there. Inside you! Very ordinary and very special. You’re a unique example. You are enough.

One day the miracles will arrive, just like that, without you calling for them. And they will tell you what you’ve always known deep inside your heart.
(Sofia Yiannatou)

The brain is plastic and the body always follows

When you are still bothered by what once happened, you dream about it or you often think about it than you are ‘in trance’ a part of the time and miss the Here and Now. If you avoid people, places or situations, because of memories that call for stress, than you are limited and not free. You can’t change the past. That’s gone! BUT you can change how you perceive it.

Our cells renew themselve daily and our brain is flexible and mobile, but into our programmed habitual thinking we are sometimes still stuck in old patterns that we keep repeating. I help you to let it go, so that there will be space for different thoughts and habits, that will fit better with your true self.

In my method we make contact with the subconscious, where you exactly know what you need and on whcih you can totally rely. This happens through clear protocols, although it sometimes seems no make no logical sense at all. But it works! The results keep on amazing me again and again. And you probably soon as well.

groepswerk, online, supportgroep, dansen, uitwisseling, samen groeien, persoonlijke ontwikkeling, plezier, elkaar helpen, genieten
The support in a group with fellow learners can be very beneficial

It’s been enough: time to let go

A session always results in letting go and relaxation. And I teach you to tap, during and after the sessions. As a result of practising what I teach you, you experience more and more freedom. This package brings you subtle and remarkable behavioral changes. Of course only when you give yourself permition to change. It gives you back the control over yourself and your live, no matter how or where you ever think you lost it.

Besides the individual sessions I organise weekly online groupmeetings. Here is room to ask questions, share and help each other. I love groupwork, because there always originate something different from the sessions. Even more in times of (forced) isolation it gives some backup suppport. Every human being has something unique to offer. People need eachother to grow.

Invest enough time in yourself

  • This guided trajectory takes minimum 3 and maximum 6 months.
  • The number of terms stands apart from the time of your trajectory.
  • You can start any moment and determine yourself how fast you go.
  • You may choose if you do weekly or fortnightly sessions. And it even sometimes is possible to have more sessions per week.
  • You get 12 individual sessions, that take max. 2 hours. (length of the sessions is tuned in to the course of the proces).
  • Plus 1 x per week participation in the online group.
  • And count on 1 to 2 hours preparation or ‘homework’ per week.

The financial investment

  • Because I want to offer you a full-fledged package and I know how hard it can be to take a step like this, you will receive from an extra encouragement of 25% (value of € 425,-).
  • So you get 5 hours extra guidance FOR FREE.
  • My fee is € 85,- x 20 = € 1.700,- in total for 25 hours.
  • It’s possible to pay in 3 or 6 monthly payments.
  • When you pay in 3 terms it is 3 x € 581,- + 21% VAT. (This option you order via the red button).
  • When you pay in 6 terms, than it is 6 x € 298,- + 21% VAT. (This package you choose through the blue button).
  • When you pay the package at once you get 10% extra discount (€ 170,-) and pay in total € 1.530,- + 21% VAT. (Order via the green button).

Have you heart, seen and read enough?

Do you have < ENOUGH > information to book? You can do it via the blue button (6 terms), the red button (3 terms) or the green button (pay at once and get 10% extra discount). Do you have any questions left? Than contact me via email or phone.


In case this is too much for you, check out the STANDARD package. Or you first want to experience what it is like to work with me, before making a decision you want to continue. Than take the START session.

You can also make an appointment with me to ask your questions or discuss your choises and opportunities, before you order. Call or mail me in that case. Most of the time we find a moment to talk within 24 hous.