Dreaming in the woods

Dreaming … I love to do it, especially when I’m awake. My fast and creative mind sometimes got me crazy by filling me up with too many projects. I tend to be impulsive, so sometimes it happens that before I really think about something, I’m already DOING it. So some time ago I kind of forced myself to choose WHAT to focus on. This is what was left and preferably in combination

  • My work as a therapist
  • My work as an iconpainter
  • Writing
  • Being at home with loved ones ánd touring this beautiful planet

Dreaming … I’ve been getting better in doing it. I remember lesser that I dream at night, but I do dream more often just before I fall asleep. That I do very consciously. With thoughts about my ideals I enter the night. I make pictures in my mind, I see it in front of me. This I’ve thought to myself, especially since I’ve been getting myself into hypnosis and the powerful impact of the unconscious mind.

Long ago I dreamt about working in Greece and somewhere in the back of my mind  I’ve been searching for the right place to realise this dream since years. Meanwhile I understand more and more how I can do this.

Dreaming in community

Two years ago, in my online search for worldwide communities, I stumbled on a place in Northern Greece,  inspired and started by people from Findhorn, a spiritual community, learning centre and eco village in Scotland. I wanted to know more about it and experience this place, so I planned to go to Pilion, but I had to change my plan (because I was invited to come to work in Hawaii).

Last year again I planned to come here, but broke an ankle, which was not my wish nor was I dreaming this and surely it was not my plan, but it happened. So all I had to do than was to accept and take some time to sit down and reflect on my life, ideas, plans, wishes and dreams.

Finally last month I arrived here in Anilio, one of the three centres of Kalikalos, holistic network, an extraordinary place.

The wild woods

This is a very fertile and green area with beautiful old trees, where the vigs are getting better every day and nature here feels so alive. The sun is hot and the rain falls hard. Sleeping here under the trees, surrounded by who knows what kind of creatures (scorpions, snakes and squirrels for sure) appears to bring us strong dreams, which we sometimes do share in circle gatherings or private conversations.

This part of Pelion is called Σπιτι των Κενταυρων, meaning: Home of the Centaurs. The legends say those creatures have been gallopping around here. And maybe they still do?

Being born under the star and the moon in Sagittarius I feel a kind of fascination for these mythical creatures, who didn’t seem to be always the most easy ones to have around, but for sure they loved adventures, travelling and were able to handle there arrow and bow for shooting on their goals.

centaur (/ˈsɛntɔːrtɑːr/GreekΚένταυροςKéntaurosLatincentaurus), or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

Living a dream

I don’t remember much of my dreaming here at the moment, but I was told that I was laughing in my sleep last night. Since I arrived here I’ve been talking about my work, giving individual sessions in a yurt (nomads tent) and workshops in the open air, under a roof and surrounded by trees.

We had the rain pooring down during one of the workshops and I had to raise my voice to be heart above the thunder. And there I stood, writing on a whiteboard, looking down at a bunch of people that looked like they could fall asleep any moment. The opposite was true! They were very involved, but I had told them to sit or lay down as comfortable as they could be, because the goal was releasing stress. There were many questions and this environment was very inspiring.

After some explanation about meridians, Traditional Chinese Medicinknowledge and the tapping on meridians we’ve tapped together, so everyone could experience this. While the rain was pooring down and I told about my vision, about what I do, why I do it and how it works. And I taught about how you can release stress and tap into Your Inner Power in any situation, to improve yourself and make your life easier.

I really enjoyed working with these lovely people and it was so much fun to do (as well because of the challenging weather circumstances)!

For sure I will be back here, because it suits to my dreams for creation, connecting, community. And all of that is possible and doable in this beautiful healthy part of the planet, in my second homeland Greece.

Nature and love.
Love for nature.
And naturally loving ourselves and eachother.

Best office ever, living the dream, Anilio community retreats workshops

My favorite office is the long room, the workshop area, close to the wooden treehouse, my home for the summer months

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