Clean Package

No more excuses. You know it: you’re addicted. And you want to get rid of it. If you acknowledge what’s going on and take responsibility for yourself and your choices, than there’s help. This Clean Package is exclusively meant for those who have already taken the DECISION to stop.

Before you’re able to escape from prison
you have to realise that you’re locked in.

Free Yourself From Addiction

Addiction is not a disease, but a choice. Often it’s given as a lifestyle and a coping skill. They all do it: comfort-eating, get-rest-smoking, of-your-plate-drinking, binging-away, blowing-down, swallowing-up, sniffing or injecting. Not that it helps, because as soon as you wake up; sobered up, hungry and sick … all the problems are still there. BOOM! Plus there’s a great hangover welcoming you the next day and all physical results of the substances aren’t making your life easier. Socially you don’t get better and you feel less desire to attent parties, are not invited anymore or you don’t dare to go, because shame is keeping you at home.

Often addiction begins with taking or doing something for temporarely relaxation or distraction from pain, sadness, bad memories or a bad feeling. Or to generally chear you up. Until you notice that you can’t do without it and than it doesn’t matter anymore to what you’re addicted. If it’s sex&drugs&rock&roll  or painkillers, gaming, gambling, alcohol, candy, snacks, opium, speed, marihuana, calming pills, facebook, instagram, anti-depressiva, youtube or working? You’ve become depending on it and you need more of it. Seasoned addicts hop from one addiction to the other, whereby heroin is replaced by methadon or blowing is replaced by sugar. You can be addicted to anything and there’s always a reason for it. Together with you I go on a search for those reasons and the underlying forgotten or hidden emotions.

The beauty of my method is that hereby it’s not necesary (like in many therapeutic models) to tell all of your history nor all your painful experiences to me. We don’t go there! We take another route and that works faster, thoroughly and more effective.

Faster EFT Addiction Protocol

You start with some days in a row getting daily sessions, followed up by some weekly and than monthly sessions. We will form a compound and work on the attraction of the substance (your adiction) as well as on what lies underneath. The Faster EFT Addiction Protocol is usable for all addictions and I’ve practiced it on all kinds of harddrugs, smoking, eating, softdrugs and other addictions.

Read here more about Treatment of Addiction.


The only real condition is that you’ve decided to quit and are conformable to transformation. If that’s not the case, keep your money in your pocket and don’t even begin. I know what I can do and I know the impact of my Addiction Protocol. I’m ready to surprise you with a very effective original approach, to confront you with tough love and to help you to get your life together again. But you have to want it and go for it 100%, as much as I will be there for you 100%.

Before we agree there’s an extensive intake. Contact me to arrange an appointment. 

Maybe you need, beside some intensive sessions, some help with changing your lifestyle. Herewith also your partner, parents or children are welcome in a follow up program, in case you think that’s convenient.

We will talk about the amount of sessions that might be necessary and we will make agreements ahead and in between, but you probably will not be done with just a few sessions. If you don’t want that than don’t even start it. This is about fundamental transformation and we all know that addiction is perseverent. But I also know that, when you’ve have taken the decision and are totally done with yourself as an addict, it can go surprisingly fast.

Step out of dependency of anything!

Choose for yourself and become independent of any substance at all. It saves you money and trouble. Free your mind from any addiction or programming you don’t need. I love to help you.

Although I know that the Twelve Step Program, created by Anonymous Alcoholics, has been beneficial for people, I don’t agree with telling yourself the rest of your life everyday “I’m an alcoholic”. To me this sounds like negative programming. It works like a prayer, like you ask for it. You confirm the problem and keep on creating it. You can be an ex-alcoholic or a former drugaddict. I’ve met them and I remember having the habit to escape, but I’m not an addict anymore. I prefer to live and love with a clear mind. In the end it’s so much easier and relaxing.