Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Chronic fatigue had controlled my life for 12 years and now it’s gone, it’s gone!


It’s gone, it’s gone! My chronic fatigue has gone. Just a few words, but the meaning behind it is huge! It controlled my life for 12 years. The first 6 years were the worst, horrible I would say. Over the years the fatigue got less and less. But I still felt so unbelievably tired and some days I really didn’t know how to continue this way of living.

Large amounts on vitamins and minerals

So I went to see all kinds of medical doctors and had all kind of alternative therapies. I bought and read many books about healing, NLP, Law of attraction, Esther Hicks, etcetera and studied nutrition. All bestsellers are on my bookshelf. I spent large amounts of money on vitamins and minerals. I listened to youtubes video’s hundreds of hours (while doing the household), The Secret (and everything behind it), Esther Hicks, how to heal yourself and so on. I practiced positive thinking to the extreme.

The subconscious mind controls health

Therefore I tried to be very inactive, I tried to be very active. There is much more to mention, but let’s just say I didn’t know how to release memories and patterns and beliefs. In fact, I had no idea to which extend the subconscious mind controls behavior and health. I had no idea that negative thoughts, memories, emotions etc could be released in such a simple way.

Then I came across Robert Smiths’ youtube video’s and listened to all his theories and it really blew my mind. Wow, I couldn’t stop listening. I was convinced. This is it!!!

I had sessions with Jeannette van Uffelen in The Netherlands. We met, I talked, she tapped, I let go, she smiled and I felt normal. Amazing. I feel normal since.

Despite all my losses I gained

I am so grateful to Robert Smith, to Jeannette van Uffelen and all the people that practice Faster EFT. The list of losses is very long. I produced this fatigue so well, it destroyed many aspects of my life. Despite all my losses, I truly believe I gained far more than I have lost.

Thank you Robert Smith, Jeannette van Uffelen and all Faster EFT practitioners. You have my appreciation, love and support.

While I was in a seminar in Athens, Robert Smith told the group that he’d received a testimonial which he’d put on his Facebook page. Later the lady phoned me, being on holidays with her husband and children, doing long mountainwalks almost every day, which she’d not been able to for many years. She felt like picking up the phone just to thank me again.

(Jeannette van Uffelen)

Here’s the original testimonial Robert placed on his Facebook in May 2016.

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