This summer I’ve been working in Greece, where I offered workshops and sessions in Kalikalos, holistic network. I had a great time there and have been doing quite some work, changing on different levels, with amazing people in a beautiful environment.

Sarah has sent me her testimonial, which I would like to share with you, because she describes the doubts she had when she heart me talking about changing memories.

My one session (so far) with Jeannette brought on a profound positive shift in me. I didn’t have to force anything, I really didn’t even have to work hard.

When I first heard her talk about “changing memories” I was extremely dubious. I objected, “No, but that would be creepy and false, replacing bad memories, what a bad idea!” What transpired in my session with her did not erase any memories, but our work together did “change” an important memory by adding new dimensions (in all senses of the word “dimension”).

Jeannette helped me work down through layers into an entirely new and entirely sincere sense of forgiveness about something I have been struggling with all my life. Just that experience has been a big release for me, but now three weeks later as if by magic, the person I “forgave” called and asked me (for the first time ever without cunning and strings attached) for my forgiveness. Of course the ins and outs of life are slightly more complex than that sounds, but nevertheless deeply real and magical.

Jeannette’s work is multidimensional, profound, curious, kind, and still down to earth. I could almost call it fun, if fun can also include quite a bit of cleansing crying! I am grateful.

(Sarah Kotzamani)

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I know Sarah was not the only one having doubts about it, but she was brave enough to ask me for a session to try it. I wish more people would respond like Sarah by giving this kind of work the benefit of the doubt and giving themselves a chance to experience changes like this; inner peace, cleansing from old stuff and having fun.

There’s no risk in doing this work. In the worst case you experience a profound and deep relaxation and nothing else, but even that is something people seem to not experience very often anymore, in a natural and clean way (without alcohol, pills or other substances).

Kalikalos, circle, home of the centaurs, Greece, Anilio, Pilion, Magnisia, changing memories

Sarah’s photos of the circle in the Home of the Centaurs, Anilio, Greece

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