Skills to Change

DAY 18  Who thought I would ever be so happy with a wheel chair? I didn’t, but I am. My life has changed since I fell down stairs and broke my ankle 18 days ago. It hurt a lot and I felt my body in shock. I consciously experienced trauma and all the fear, fight- and more-than-anything-my-flight-responses. But flight was impossible!!! I couldn’t do anything but pick up my phone and ask for help. Lucky I was with a friend so close. She ran to pick me up in two minutes and brought me to the best doctor in the area, who fixed my leg the same night.

First Aid, Urgency and Emergency? I thought such things wouldn’t happen to me. Well, they do. And this experience is a life lesson in so many ways. What do you do in such situations when you call yourself a Stress Release Specialist? Well, I knew exactly what to do and I did it. I immediately started to work on myself, after allowing myself one minute of loud screaming and blaming myself for being stupid, not taking the elevator, but the stairs. For not wearing my steady boots, but light shoes.

Does that help? No, it doesn’t. So I started tapping, loving myself, appreciating my life and having my friend Elia close to me, who showed her strength and calmness at the right time. She saw my leg was a mess and knew it was broken. I saw it too, but we didn’t say it.

I decided not to worry about anything anymore, but just appreciate and bless everyone and everything that was helping to HEAL. And it was so easy to do. In the next days I was surrounded by only loving, kind, friendly people. Elia stayed with me all the time, tapped on me before and after the surgery and brought me in deep peaceful sleep.

As soon as I was able to communicate my Practitioner Friends gave me sessions to get rid of all that was connected to this accident. And there were such kind nurses and the amazing friendly calm doctor who made me feel confident about my leg and ankle.

It takes awhile to realise that the break is serious and it will take at least six weeks for my ankle and leg to have the bones grow, before I’m allowed to put weight on it, which means no standing, no walking, rescheduling all standing activities I had planned, like the Be Smart Stay Slim seminar at the end of the month.

I gain a lot of experience and understanding about how the mind works and how we create trauma. It is amazing! I already know I want to use this, but first I take time for my healing and don’t plan to do any sessions on anyone till I can stand on my legs again.

To be continued …   (Part of my 100 days of healing tour)
© Jeannette van Uffelen