Basic Package

The Basic Packet offers you 5 sessions (± 10 hours) in 2 months time and so you will decrease your stress within some weeks, because you permeate patterns on a mild, fast and practical way.

Does this sound familiair to you?

  • It feels like you stumble on the same basic problems every day and it doesn’t seem to work well the way you do it.
  • You’re stucked. Although you have ideas about how it could be different, you don’t move at all and the days are flying by. You speak a lot, but it seems like nobody is listening, let alone is taking you seriously …
  • You want to quit something that is limitating you to start doing what you do want. You have a job, a relationship or a routine, that doesn’t do you any good. You don’t feel you’re growing, but you don’t really or you really don’t know what it is you do want.
  • It doesn’t feel right anymore. You lost your grib. Sometimes you really have the feeling that of all you once thought about yourself and your future the work grinds to a halt. You don’t know how it became like this and on the outside it might look quite good and happy, but somewhere it is gnawing …
  • You have an idea since quite a while, but it’s not coming off. Stronger even, you know very well what you want, but there’s something vague holding you back. What’s that little voice saying?

You don’t need to be able to logically explain why it is like it is. If you knew that you’d already solved it yourself, but with the familiair logic we most often end up at the same logical solutions. The most (maybe all) important discoveries and accessions did not come forth from our logical thinking. They originated from our clearance for that part in us where we know everything, where thinking happens differently and faster.

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This Basic Packet gives you insight and helps you to let go what precludes you and that makes space for what you don’t know yet consciously.

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Everyone can change, basic -ally

It is the way you do it whereby you can the same results everytime. Although all good intentions you repeat what is known, although you want to do something different. Our brain and our body grow and develop every day, every minute, still, but we (in our way of thinking) are stucked in the same pattern. I help you to let this go, wherefore space arises for different, better habits.

We form our habits
and our habits form us.

You can create your life You are already doing it now, but from learnt habits (of that back home) and conclusions (you’ve once made about yourself and about others), that by then were useful, but now work against you. With as a result that you keep creating what you don’t want.

If you really let go what you don’t need anymore you can start choosing something better and easier for yourself; your health, your wellness, your relationships, your work and your daily life. (What you will choose you find just easy during the sessions.)

A session is deep relaxing and I teach you from the first time you come how you can practice tapping and selfhypnosis by yourself, after and in between sessions. So I give you a tool to help yourself independantly. And as a result you’ll start experiencing changes. This packet delivers you deep results ánd prominent discount compared to single sessions.

Choose for yourself and a better life!

Because it can be more funny, lovely and easy.