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To procrastinate was one of the issues why Sandra approached me online. She’d found my website and wanted work with me. After doing some online sessions I invited her to join me in the Your Inner Power summer retreat in Greece.

Because the group retreat program only happened every morning I could also offer a limited amount of private sessions in the afternoon, which Sandra did two times.

Since I’d worked with Jeannette online, the mutual trust and openness were given. So we could start right away.

Believe me, I don’t regret it!

Then in March 2020 Sandra bought the Premium Package to have an Individual Intensive Retreat. So she took an 8 hours trip by train to my town on Thursday evening and left on Sunday afternoon, to be back home in the evening, ready to work the next morning. And she’d rented an Airbnb studio in my area, from where I picked her up on Friday morning to walk to my office@home. We worked about 16 hours in 3 days. And on Saturday afternoon we had some leisure time in the old city centre.

I came to Den Haag to work with Jeannette again. Believe me, I don’t regret it. For the sessions I had prepared myself with a list of topics to work through in a certain order – admittedly the unpleasant topics at the end. Procrastinate to release the heavy stuff. But everything turned out differently. After listening to my list, Jeannette suggested to Number 1: focus on the more uncomfortable topics. And she immediately started to help me to release and let them go. I am very good at “catastrophizing” and to blow things out of proportion and make a situation worse than it really is.

Lessons learnt

My lessons learnt, by facing the most intense issues, right from the start: I realized it’s not as bad as I picture it in my mind. I experienced it’s such a relief not to procrastinate. Because it is so much better to do what has to be done as soon as I can. The faster I was confronted with my biggest fears, the faster I could get rid of them. Everything else on my list was easier to let go, because I’d done the most heavy stuff at first. I feel so relieved. And I am so proud of myself. Thanks to Jeannette!

When we talked beforehand on the phone I’d suggested Sandra to bring a list with what she wanted to change in her life. The Premium Package contains 20 hours, which is about 10 sessions. Which means that one session we used to prepair her Weekend Intensive and one session we left for a follow up one week after coming home. This is to check on the results, like in this case: Did you procrastinate lately?

Sandra did not procrastinate to send feedback

  • Before starting the sessions: it makes so much sense to talk about the list of topics first, so you can decide on which one to start
  • I enjoyed the structure of the session itself
  • The warm up you did with your question: “How would you be like?”
  • The actual session and the link to both outcomes
  • Plus the hypnotic boost on the last day
  • It was great, that we were flexible on the time frame of each session
  • Having my own space was essential
  • I liked our day together (the pub we went and the food we had)
  • Having the sessions on the floor …. good stuff!

Thank you again for the sessions! I am so happy that I have done it.
I am sure, that I will come fore sessions again. Maybe this year already. My take away from last time: Having my own space is important. To be able to process everything. Share my topics and thoughts with you in the beginning.
Best wishes and hugs, Sandra

In this vlog you find all information about the workshops I’m doing this summer 2019 in Greece. When you book before half of April you get 10% Early Bird discount. 

Unfortunately we couldn’t go there again in the next summer(s) without risking our mental health, our physical body, our future live, because of the restrictions according to new rules. But when we do not acquiesce in this new weirdness, we CAN DO IT. If not in Greece, than wherever we are. What’s more important? Count your blessings and know who your really are. Connect to YOUR INNER POWER. We are infinite consciousness.

Do you want to know more?

Read more information here about the summerworkshops in Greece.

Read more blogs on my website about the power of the mind, perception or the influence of the way we think (unsuspecting and unconsciously) on creating stress or (consciously) releasing stress.

Or call me for a free online talk when you want to know more before you can take a decision, like: Does this suit me? How big is the group? Is it possible that … ? Et cetera.

In april this year I received a message from Northern Carolina (USA) by Richard Downs jr., who asked me to help him. He had found one of my videos online and had then watched all my videos.

I chose to work with Jeannette, because in her eyes, through her videos, I saw a beautiful combination of compassion and clarity, knowledge, patience and a genuine commitment to help others heal. She inspires me and made me feel accepted and at ease. With her assistance and empowering encouragement I am on my way to getting my life back!

From globe trotter to isolation

Richard, as a violinist and composer, has been travelling all over the world, but at the beginning of this year he was hardly able to get out of the house. He was back to living with his parents and was limited by anxiety, depression and insomnia. Because he was awake early, we did Skype sessions at 5 in the morning (11 a.m. my time).

Richard Downs jr., violinist, recovery from anxiety and depression, talented childRichard appeared to be a musical talent at an early age. He came with his parents and younger siblings from Nicaragua to the USA as a refugee. His parents did everything for his education and of course, so did he. All his time and energy was in playing the violin, which was no playing, but very serious and failure was no option.

When he got to fifty years old his bucket was overflowing and he was annoyed by anxiety and depressions. He got stucked. In 8 sessions we did a big cleanup; I helped him to get rid of some of his beliefs and painful memories and to replace them by more beneficial thoughts, beliefs and feelings about himself, the world, life and opportunities.

Confronting your biggest fear

By the time I was going to Greece for summer workshops and would be less available, Richard was fortunately doing some better, wherefore I could leave him for some weeks. (Sometimes I find it hard to have to help someone only by Skype because of long distance. I’d prefered to work with him in one room or taken him with me out of the house unto the streets.) He had to get out. Exposure! During the summer I kept connected with him through chats.

Thank you so much for your words my dear Jeannette! You have been there with me in the lowest … With deep gratefulness and love!

Richard Downs jr., Richard Allen Downs, anxiety, fear, depression, Faster EFT, Emotion Replacement

DO IT! The threat is in your head

When someone tells me: “When I stay home alone the walls come towards me”, I say: “Stay home tonight and wait for what happens.” I know actually that walls don’t move. Fear is inside your head. Contronting yourself and to come across your fear is in such cases the best solution. You have to experience life. That was also the case with Richard. Finally he collected courage and encountered his fear, instead of avoiding it, what he had tried for long in many ways.

After the summer Richard set some huge steps, literally and figuratively; he created a breakthrough. He even accepted an offer by an orchestra to play some concerts again. He can still play the violin beautifully and now is able to approach it a little more flighty. Of course I’m very content with the results. I have been tough on him and left him swimming in the mud. Sometimes this has to be done. And he got it all.

Thank you so much for your true words and your sense of humor ????, dear Jeannette you are right!! I receive your words! ❤️????????????

Brave man

beautiful smile, Richard Downs jr., violinist, composer, Richard is flyingSometimes his fears still capture him, but he knows he can not run away. “Go get them!” is my advice. That’s what he does right now, sometimes shivering, but doing it anyway.

No matter how we got our fears, there’s always a way to get rid of them. If you want it, if you take responsibility for your own life and if you’re brave enough to ask for help. One of his desires was to be able to travel again and we’ve worked on it, of course. Last week he flew to his girlfriend in Mexico. Un hombre valiente!

Jeannette is a very skilled therapist. I was experiencing panic and anxiety about many things and at times I could not even get out of my apartment, but she could speak to me in a way that gave me the courage to risk and face my fears, without being too agressive or overbearing and when she could see I tried my best and could do no more, she also became very comforting and empathic.
She gave me room to speak my mind and even to disagree with her procedures without it being a threat to knowledge or skills as she is very confident and humble at the same time.
With Jeannette, I did not feel I was having a session with a therapist who follows a dogmatic set of cookie cutter molds, but she is fluid, flexible, intuitive and feels the client’s deep needs and adapts accordingly.

I felt her more as a close friend with whom I could easily open to my deepest fears and doubts. Now that is quite a gift!

Richard Downs jr., Mexico, overcoming anxiety, Faster EFT, Emotion Replacement Therapy, really helping people, confrontation, exposure

Sharing his story

Richard gave me his music; his compositions, improvisations, all. And the rights to use them in my videos, sessions and wherever I want. He wants to be more than a violinist. In the future he wants to help people, who suffer from fear of failure, anxiety or depression, like he experienced himself. That’s why he wants my to share his story and he recommends me to people (in his field) who live with such fears.

Do what works and do it NOW! That’s my motto and I like it. I grew up with the myth of The American Dream, although I live in Europe. Unfortunately, I guess The Godfather, written by Mario Puzzo and performed by Marlon Brando in the movies by Martin Scorsese, might be an example of the American-Dream-Illusion.

My generation learnt that we can all MAKE IT. And some believe that we all HAVE TO MAKE IT, which is bullshit. Napoleon Hill, for example, knew it all, but never gave any proof that he managed to live this way. He did not walk his talk. He wrote a book in 1937, with the attractive title Think and Grow Rich, but he didn’t end up rich at all. The godfather did! 

A bestseller, so what?

Nowadays Napoleon Hill’s book is a bestseller, I read it years ago and I liked it, but it doesn’t work for most of us. I was recently invited by someone in his forties, to come to his training and he promised me to teach all this magic to me. Not that this trainer is very rich himself, by the way. And also he doesn’t appear to me like very authentic. Mario Puzzo’s Godfather series were bestsellers. And so were the movies and so were the videos and DVD’s. 

Do what works and do it now

My daily work is inspiring people to create their own lives. I believe we can do it, but it’s not as simple as it is presented. You have to be ready for real change. You have to work for it, dig deep if necessary. And most of all you have to let go of … a lot.

Yes, fake it till you make it. Act as if, if that works for you. Talk to your subconscious mind and change your programs. It did work for me and it might work for you. But it is not about getting rich. It’s about being rich and I don’t mean moneywise.

The message in this era is: If you’re not healthy, rich and happy all the time, it is your own fault, stupid mistake, etc. I’ve been listening to many of those motivational speakers: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, to name a few. I’ve read a lot of that and of course it’s inspiring and I learnt a lot.

But are their lives very special? Signing your Bestseller Books all the time also gets boring if you do it long enough. Like everything in live gets boring. You, me, Wayne, Louise and Tony as well. I’m not saying it’s not good, but I don’t thrive to be like them or have their kind of live. Honestly, I don’t want to live in Hawaii.

Done it, been there, got the T-shirt (loved it!)

My goal is not to be rich, because that by itself is a meaningless goal. My goal is to be satisfied with my life and love who I am. To live in peace with myself, with what I do, what I give to the world, what I take from it and be connected, in harmony, at peace with myself and the people and other living creatures around me.

Not fake it, but make sence

It makes me happy to make something. I love to CREATE, to GIVE FORM. It’s an urge to express myself in whatever what way. I’ve been drawing, sewing, knitting and painting, I make videos and photos, vlogs and blogs. I repair things, because I break stuff. I’ve made furniture and I make websites. I’ve built websites for my choir, my painting teacher, some small businesses and my own sites, because I’ve been an ICT technician as well and I just like to do it. And I write stories here and elsewhere.

The subtle art

Recently I was offered some days at an amazing place, a cottage in the Norwegian woods, where I spent my time in silence, making fire, walking around, swimming in the lake. Some moments the silence was broken by me singing a song or by the little squirrel who ran around like crazy at 7 in the morning. Some hours I was just laying in the hammock and reading an amazing book by Mark Manson. It’s good, very funny and just wisdom. And it suits so well to what I’ve been writing before about all this.

I love the way Mark Manson thinks and writes. I don’t follow the news, so I’d missed the fact that this book is a bestseller today. I saw it at the airport, opened it, read half a page and bought it. And now I’m reading his blogs and it is all very refreshing, open and clear. I gave the book to my Norwegian host and buy a new one. I read it again and will give it away again.

Not giving a fuck

I recommend this book to everyone. It’s a wake up call, because so many of us seem to get lost in the belief that we all have to MAKE IT and if you don’t do that, you’re a loser. I meet too  many (young) people who are burned out, because they thrive for perfection.

On the other hand people seem to give up, isolate themselves, live online in a fake world and don’t seem to give a fuck anymore at all. And that’s no good for most of us. We better choose about what to care about and what not.

Too many people don’t like themselves, because their live is not like what they see on Facebook and Instagram or in all the fake movies and series they watch. Read the SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FUCK! And enjoy it!

making sense, relaxing, Norwegian woods, the subtle art of not giving a fuck, Jeannette van Uffelen, Mark Manson

We can all write stories about our experiences. And I’ve written about my living and working in the community in Greece.

But while I was there, Naama came along and made this pretty picture about the place. So watch it, because the pictures say it all, faster and easier.

Dreaming … I love to do it, especially when I’m awake. My fast and creative mind sometimes got me crazy by filling me up with too many projects. I tend to be impulsive, so sometimes it happens that before I really think about something, I’m already DOING it. So some time ago I kind of forced myself to choose WHAT to focus on. This is what was left and preferably in combination

Dreaming … I’ve been getting better in doing it. I remember lesser that I dream at night, but I do dream more often just before I fall asleep. That I do very consciously. With thoughts about my ideals I enter the night. I make pictures in my mind, I see it in front of me. This I’ve thought to myself, especially since I’ve been getting myself into hypnosis and the powerful impact of the unconscious mind.

Long ago I dreamt about working in Greece and somewhere in the back of my mind  I’ve been searching for the right place to realise this dream since years. Meanwhile I understand more and more how I can do this.

Dreaming in community

Two years ago, in my online search for worldwide communities, I stumbled on a place in Northern Greece,  inspired and started by people from Findhorn, a spiritual community, learning centre and eco village in Scotland. I wanted to know more about it and experience this place, so I planned to go to Pilion, but I had to change my plan (because I was invited to come to work in Hawaii).

Last year again I planned to come here, but broke an ankle, which was not my wish nor was I dreaming this and surely it was not my plan, but it happened. So all I had to do than was to accept and take some time to sit down and reflect on my life, ideas, plans, wishes and dreams.

Finally last month I arrived here in Anilio, one of the three centres of Kalikalos, holistic network, an extraordinary place.

The wild woods

This is a very fertile and green area with beautiful old trees, where the vigs are getting better every day and nature here feels so alive. The sun is hot and the rain falls hard. Sleeping here under the trees, surrounded by who knows what kind of creatures (scorpions, snakes and squirrels for sure) appears to bring us strong dreams, which we sometimes do share in circle gatherings or private conversations.

This part of Pelion is called Σπιτι των Κενταυρων, meaning: Home of the Centaurs. The legends say those creatures have been gallopping around here. And maybe they still do? Being born under the star and the moon in Sagittarius I feel a kind of fascination for these mythical creatures, who didn’t seem to be always the most easy ones to have around, but for sure they loved adventures, travelling and were able to handle there arrow and bow for shooting on their goals.

centaur (/ˈsɛntɔːrtɑːr/GreekΚένταυροςKéntaurosLatincentaurus), or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

Living a dream

I don’t remember much of my dreaming here at the moment, but I was told that I was laughing in my sleep last night. Since I arrived here I’ve been talking about my work, giving individual sessions in a yurt (nomads tent) and workshops in the open air, under a roof and surrounded by trees.

We had the rain pooring down during one of the workshops and I had to raise my voice to be heart above the thunder. And there I stood, writing on a whiteboard, looking down at a bunch of people that looked like they could fall asleep any moment. The opposite was true! They were very involved, but I had told them to sit or lay down as comfortable as they could be, because the goal was releasing stress. There were many questions and this environment was very inspiring.

After some explanation about meridians, Traditional Chinese Medicinknowledge and the tapping on meridians we’ve tapped together, so everyone could experience this. While the rain was pooring down and I told about my vision, about what I do, why I do it and how it works. And I taught about how you can release stress and tap into Your Inner Power in any situation, to improve yourself and make your life easier.

I really enjoyed working with these lovely people and it was so much fun to do (as well because of the challenging weather circumstances)!

For sure I will be back here, because it suits to my dreams for creation, connecting, community. And all of that is possible and doable in this beautiful healthy part of the planet, in my second homeland Greece.

Nature and love.
Love for nature.
And naturally loving ourselves and eachother.

Why am I resistant to change?

Why am I resistant to change? What is holding me back, while the way I act is bothering me so much? Do I actually not want to change?

I hear this question a lot and I notice that people get angry on themselves, because ‘something’ is not changing fast enough and/or because they are repeating themselves again and again.

Maybe it is not resistance to change at all? But the question we actually should ask is: Why do so many of us want to stay in alignment with what we hold? And the answer to that might be: because it helped us to survive. This way we’re playing it safe. It might not be true that you don’t want to change, but you just want to be safe.

If you got resources inside yourself, telling you: ‘It’s not safe to be different’, those resources will keep you inline. And those resources are unconsciously. Think of a little baby that ends up in a certain structure, where it has everything to stay alive. This way of living is all it knows: This is live, this is the world, this is how it is.

Outside the (familiar) lines

And than comes a moment this child is growing up and doing something ‘different’, steps ‘outside the lines’ and gets beaten up (not literally per se, it might be just a look or a frown) by mum, dad, sister, brother, auntie, granddad; at home, on the street, at school. And when that happens (a few times) she or he will take care of staying in alignment henceforth to be safe again. This happens before and faster than we realise it.

How and when you’ve decided to stay in alignment, you forget. You just do it automatically, it’s almost an instinctive response to be safe. But there were reasons and you’ve made your conclusions. You might have been ‘cut short’ to protect you. Or you were beaten, because the one that beat you didn’t know any other way. They loved you the way they were loved. Your mother probably was very fearful herself, for whatever what reason. Do you know it? Often we don’t. And does it mean anything about you? No. However, don’t you think it’s time to let go of all this and make room for yourself, your talents, your dreams and ideals? Yes, of course you do.

information about the methods I use

It’s safe to change

The best way to change this alignment is to go to all the alignment pieces in your mind and change them one by one¹. And than, all of a sudden, you naturally start to move in a different alignment, the lines dissolve and you start to go your own direction.

My life is normal, this is what I’ve always been like, according to me right now. But somewhere I do remember that I used to be different and that  I had problems. Because today my essence is different than before and that’s the result of clearing up old beliefs about myself, the world and live. Oh yes, I’ve changed. I am lovelier, funnier and easier. And so is my live. Somedays it’s just live and that’s fine as well.

When you start doing this kind of work and change your memories, you might ruin your identity completely. You will no longer be that worthless piece of shit, that good-for-nothing, pantywaist, fatty or name it, that still defines your selfimage. Your personality will change and it is possible you become more succesfull than you’ve ever dared to dream of. So be warned!

Resistant or fear of being happy?

Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see.
(Milton Erickson)

You’re probably just like your mother², you act like your mother, even though you say you hate her and you’re resistant to be like her. You replay and rewatch these memories over and over again and you still believe it. And you complain about your problems, just like your mum. Or you silently drink them away, just like your dad.

see more about the standard package

You have to change the rules yourself

I don’t believe you don’t want to change, you just want to be safe. That’s why you keep on doing like everyone at home does, just like your mother.

But you can change the rules and that you have to do yourself. To change the rules means: you go to your mother and you look after her. You heal your mother, inside you. Is it really your mother? NO, your mother is not even here. That is the key. You have to address your stuff and transform whatever it is you’re holding within you, for you and against you. You’re not broken. You are more than your story, your history (herstory), more than your body, more than your mind and conclusions. You can change it all.

You are unlimited consciousness and at the same moment you are just a human being. Nothing special. (Why the hack should we all be special, rich, famous and happy all the time? But that’s another blog.) You’re doing a good job. You may not like the current results. If you want to change the results you’ve got to change what you holding in and start acting from a different set of rules. inside. And it’s up to you to define the rules.

¹   Cleaning up doesn’t need months. On the contrary, a lot can be done in some hours, because you don’t need to tell it all. How often have you told your stories? And did it bring you anything? Better not! In this method that’s not necessary. This works faster.

²   Mother can be replaced by: father, sister, brother, teacher, etc.

DAY 294   What started as my 100 DAYS OF HEALING TOUR appeared to become a much longer and still ongoing tour. Yes, I’m an optimist. And I choose to always be one.

Without realising it, I landed back on Cyprus exactly 9 months after my departure. What am I doing here? For one reason or another I had to get back here just for a while, before the end of the year.

Warm seaswimming in December

On March 15 this year at Larnaka Airport I was brought in a wheelchair to the airplane and with a chunk of plaster on my leg I hopped into the craft. For a while I have considered to have myself carried by such a Greek God, but actually the situation itself already was crazy enough. On December 15 lately I stepped out of the plane totally autonomic and walked with my little suitcase into the sunlight again.

In the term in between I went through an expeditiously development that changed my life in all aspects. While until then I was a mediocre runner, everlasting continuer and succesful runaway, a complicated ankle fracture forced me to sit still. And in that stillness progress on all levels arised; physically, mentally and spiritually. Probably in reversed order, so spiritually, mentally and physically.

Today we finally did our delayed walk in the Troödos mountains,the plan we had on the 2nd of March, when Elia came to pick me up. But I dropped off the stairs, so in stead of to the mountains she brought me linea recta to the hospital.   

I still limp and feel pain every day, but I have to confess that I wouldn’t have missed the lapse. I was unstopable and this tumble made me taking time to stand (sit) still for who I am and what I really want.

There where you stumble your biggest treasure is burried.
(Paulo Coelho)

Walk in Troödos Mountains with Elia Stephanidou

Life is an adventure and I am a wanderer, a therapist and an artist. Once I thought I had to choose, but this year made it clear to me that I’m allowed to be all and that as an (icon) painter ánd as a therapist I can be productive and groovy.

Within one month the titanium framework will be taken out of my ankle. This has made the walking quite nasty until now and the doctor foretells me not to count on too much improvement, but I take the chance.

I will focus the coming year particularly on individual intensives and retreats, in which fundamental changes will be effectuated fast. I’ve already started this in the past months.

I know what I’m good at and I know what I love to do the most. And only that I will do the coming year.

I wish you all good, lots of love & progression in the new year!


DAY 95   Last night I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t manage to put my leg, my feet, my ankle comfortable. It was painful, no matter how I laid it down. I moved a lot, as did the pillows, sheets, quilt. Maybe it was an abreaction on all the action yesterday; after my beach adventure I kept on walking in the house. And I cooked, so I stood in the kitchen for quite a while.

At one o’clock in the night one of my cats started mewing at the other side of my door. Maybe she was hearing my other cat, who was still outside, so I got out of bed, walked down all the stairs, let the cat in and went up all the stairs straight into my bed. I slept, but woke up many times.

When I get up I can’t find any crutch in my bedroom, which means that after walking all the stairs down and up without the crutches, I have not cared about taking the one I left at the stairs to my bedroom. Haha!That’s a good sign. Although in the morning I need the crutches the most, there is no crutch near the bed, so … I do without.

“Loose your mind and create a new one.”
(Joe Dispenza)

After breakfast I meditate on the balcony for more than two hours, inspired by Joe Dispenza, who wrote books like: ‘Evolve your brain The Science of Changing Your Mind’, ‘You are the placebo’ and ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’.

It’s warm and I’m so done with knotting my feet tight into the high black leather shoes, so I try to walk barefoot today, varied with sitting with the leg high on the table. Walking barefoot inspires me to try something else and I go on a shoe hunt again. I’ve tried before two weeks ago, but nothing fitted.

Now it’s warmer, so other kinds of shoes get a chance and I find my good-old-Greek-sandals, very light, very simple and they fit! These are like the oldest, maybe even the first shoes designed for human beings and they still work the best for me. Almost ready for dancing . . . And that is another milestone!

To be continued …   (Part of my 100 days of healing tour)
© Jeannette van Uffelen

DAY 94   Today is the day I’m going to stride into the sea. At least, that’s the plan.

I drive to a beach where I remember the nearest parking places and shortest path to the sea, because they have no real dunes there and that’s why it’s the most dangerous part of the Dutch shore. Every disadvantage has its benefit. 😉 BUT since the last time I was here it’s all changed to parking only for licencees, which I’m not. I choose to park illegal today (at the car park of the hotel I used to do my seminars some years ago) and the path is much longer than I remembered. It’s a painful walk, up to the dunes and down to the beach followed by a bumpy trip through the sand to the water. My knee and ankle are very stiff and the ligaments seem too short to stretch.

I take of my shoes and feel the cold soothing water caressing my feet. They’ve missed it, I’ve missed it. Standing in the surf, the wet sand adapts around the shape of my feet soft and easy, but the pull is strong as usual, so I take care to keep my balance. This feels so good! Big Smile. I would like to, but don’t dare to sit on the sand, because I’m not so sure of being able to rise with no support except the crutch, which I’m pushing into the sand a little too easy. After some time standing and walking carefully into the sea, with my three legs, I start walking back.

“I’m healthy. I’m healing myself. My legs are fine. I love my ankles. My feet are strong. I walk steady and stable. I’m very flexible and so are my legs. I am infinite healing power.”

Before every step I watch the sand and choose a spot where I can put my toes deeper than my heel, to limit the pressure and pain on the tendon of Achilles. I guess this way of walking looks like crazy and I laugh when I watch myself from above. It’s like I’m climbing a mountain, using my crutch like a hook and pulling myself upwards. Although it hurts I love to be walking barefoot in the sand. A girl asks me if I need help and I thank her very much for her kindness. I take a coffee at the beachclub, get back into my shoes, walk to my car and drive home. Lovely to be out in nature and happy to be back home in my silent space. PEACE.

To be continued …   (Part of my 100 days of healing tour)
© Jeannette van Uffelen