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Foto: footsteps in the sand

This was the most shocking experience in the last twenty years for sure. I was sitting on the floor, had just fallen of the stairs and saw my ankle broken. My greatest fear was staring at me: I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t walk on, I couldn’t run away.

I was in shock, but also I knew this was my challenge and my chance to change forever, to finally go there, go to the deep, changing myself. I’d been longing for it and trying to reach it, to do it, to change myself for so many years. I had no map, no idea of the route, but here it was, into my face. Don’t worry. Be open. Be wise. Do what you have to do.

And so my 100 days of healing tour started.

Icons, I didn’t know anything about them, when I was just eighteen and visited Greece for the first time. I didn’t know anything about Greece, that had just opened up after the dark years. I saw a photo and wanted to go there and so I did. I was a young blond girl and didn’t understand any Greek, but it felt like home. Years later I took lessons to learn to speak and write New Greek.

During the years I visited many places on the mainland and many islands. Going to Greece changed me fundamentally. I lived under a tree on Gavdos for awhile, because by then there was nothing else, except some locals. No tourism and no rooms to rent, nothing there and because of that I loved it. In those days every church, big or small or far away on a mountain top, was open. To my amaze there was always an oillamp burning, when there seemed to be no one around.

Those churches were places of comfort and the only cool spots  after a long walk. I’ve spend many hours in there. Extraordinary acoustics, so I’ve enjoyed singing in those far away places, just on my own, no one listening, except some goats and sheeps.

Fascinating icons & fresco’s

There I found frescos, some were hundreds of years old, faded by the time, and fascinating ikones. I knew I could do it myself and that one day I would learn the technique and do it. I’ve been drawing and painting a lot when I was a child. Some years ago I started lessons in the technique of iconography. Actually this word means icon writing and not icon painting, because pictures where used as writing before we had the alphabeth.

Recently I was in Anilio on Mount Pilion, where we met Dimitrios, who opened the church for us and showed the damage and what was saved after the fire they had in the little church

I like to make stuff; portraits, collages, furniture, clothes, toys and practical stuff. I see it in my mind and find a way to make it. Icons have a tradition of copying, but I see them different and give my own twist to them.

Although I love the art in churches, I’m not a fan of the institute, no matter what religion they practice. I also love to sing (choir) music by composers who where obviously inspired by their spirituality and/or what they believe in.

My own style icons

I’ve been giving icons to my loved ones and then people started to ask me to sell them, which I did as well. After breaking my lankle in 2017, I was forced to sit for weeks and not able to do the work I did, so my focus shifted to painting icons. It’s a blessing!

Singing, I’ve done it since very young. My grandmother sang or whistled a lot and she taught me so many songs, of all kinds, in different languages. And I sang them long before I understood the words.

Singing is just a natural habit and I never paid attention to how I really did it, nor thought it was something special, until my boyfriend told me to do something with that voice. And he arranged lessons for me, when I was about 25 years old. Until now, once in a while I take some lessons.

Singing feels good

I’ve been singing all my life, just because it feels good, to express myself, to entertain, just on my own or for an audience. In choirs, solo, as leadsinger in a band, at home, in the bathroom (of course!), at the beach, in the mountains, in churches, at parties, weddings and funerals. I sing with great joy and love to give it all (whatever it is) in a song.

Raoul Boesten, sing, singing, healthy, it's good for you
Singing with Raoul in a monastery

From August 2015 until the end of May 2019 I sing in Chamber choir Lux, founded by my favorite conductor and friend Raoul. I’ve been participating in many of his choirs and projects since he started his first choir many years ago

Getting used to it

Through the years my neighbours and colleagues got used to it and they have been (positively) commenting on my singing. Many times I’m not even really aware that I am singing, I just do it, often, everywhere, not really consciously.

Health benefits of singing

At first I tried to cancel it, but finally I showed up in a wheelchair in april 2017, just after I had broken my ankle. And although it was weird, I’m happy I did it.

singing, kamerkoorlux.nl, kamerkoor lux den haag, wheelchair, singing in a chair, sitting position when singing

I was well supported by the choir, they took care of me, lifted me up (literally as well, to get me there). It took me a year to stand, walk and feel fit enough to get back to the rehearsals.

After training all muscles, especially on the left part of my body, for months I wasn’t too busy with the fact that vocal cords are muscles as well.

That’s the next thing to do. Get it all back and sing on the level I was used to do. Or better.

It never took so much effort. Now it does, but I appreciate it a lot to be back. I mean, just every Wednesday evening I have the joy to listen to 16 men singing. Or only the sopranos, the tenors, the bass. Or only us. And singing together, improving and playing with the tones and our voices. It’s good!

Just focus on WHAT WORKS, to creation and to bringing more joy into the world. Find your way, a way, any way to EXPRESS yourself, to breath deep and to enjoy life. Singing had, by the way, a good influence on my breathing and using my voice, which is good for public speaking and for training groups.

I sing …  just because.

kamerkoor lux, singing, chamberchoir lux, jeannettevanuffelen.com
Lux in 2018

Since 2003 I’ve had my own business as a Wellness Counselor and Trainer for individuals, teams and groups. For 10 years I had a company named ‘Vitaliteit in Bedrijf’. I gave training to Human Resources Managers and Developers from all kind of organisations, corperate, healthcare, education and government.

Vitaliteit in bedrijf can be translated in English to:
‘Vitality in Business’ or in ‘Vitality in Action’ (the word bedrijf has  two different meanings: 1= company or business; 2 = action). So the goal was to create Healthy Vital organisations, in all ways; healthy thinking, healthy management, healthy people. And it means Vitality in Action, as vitality is not something you HAVE, but something you DO.

The services of ‘Vitaliteit in Bedrijf’ were offered to different kind of institutions and to individuals in a great variety of professions at all levels and of all ages. My clients most of the time were the organisations, who made me work with their employees. But also individuals found their way to me and sometimes than their employer followed.

Full of ideas

Being full of ideas, experience and knowledge about the work made me start writing about it. Some of my articles were published in magazines about Human Resources Management, Health insurance and Business Magazines.

In 2007 I was asked by a big HRM publisher to write a book about vital HR management and development. The book ‘Onderstroom‘ ( transl. ‘Under current’, about life stages focussed HRM policy was published in september of that year.

During 10 years I’ve done a lot of very different projects, trainings and individual coaching and counseling. I was also attending some business boards, like MKB Den Haag, Duurzaam Den Haag and the Federation for Female Entrepreneurs. And I was a member or chairman of the jury of Ondernemersprijs Haaglanden and The Hague Sustainability Award. Learned a lot.

When my company was getting closer to its 10 years existence I was thinking how to celebrate this jubilee. Meanwhile my attention was attracted to the work I’m doing now and I felt the best way to celebrate was to close Vitaliteit in Bedrijf and not offer my services to organisations any longer.

Many times it takes a long time to get things changed or even done in big companies, schools, government organisations and I don’t have the patience to wait that long. One of the reasons to become an entrepreneur was this impatience.

I’ve always had a fast mind and many ideas to improve, to make it easier. That doesn’t mean I’m always right or all my ideas are good, but at least I want to try, to move, to do something. I’m quite sure that my impatience made me give up too fast too often. Bureaucracy has been a challenge for me. I just don’t get it. So after 10 years I was done with working for (big) organisations.

My focus was back on helping individuals (who can decide any time by themselves about their own life) and I am fascinated by the results of working with the subconsious mind. Finally I decided that my own name was the best name for my work; nothing more, nothing less and easy to find. Jeannette van Uffelen it is. Why didn’t I think of that one before? I did, but thought it wouldn’t make sense. Well, it does.

In the work I’m doing now, all of the education, training and experience I collected, now comes together and I use it in the sessions and workshops I give, in my writing, blogging and vlogging. Finally I have created my dreamjob and I love the work I do. I’m still getting better in organising it in the way that fits me the best, travelling and changing places included.

Siemens Headoffice, Sustainability Award The Hague