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Do you recognize this displeasure?

  • Whatever diet, cure or sport-program you do, in the end you’re seldom or never satisfied with the result.
  • Of course all those failed attempts frustrate you and you don’t feel like trying again, but you can’t stop being busy with it every day.
  • You are very critical towards yourself, you hate your own body and you feel judged on your appearance all the time.
  • Often you struggle with your choice of what to wear. And entering a fitting-room to try something new? No way! You have all kinds and sizes of clothing, but you are unsatisfied, no matter what you wear.
  • Because you feel unattractive and that resonates into your work and in your private life.
  • You’ve listened to so many diet-, sport- and health advises that you don’t know anymore what to choose. And you don’t feel like it any longer, because it doesn’t work for you anyway.

Sometimes all the hustle in your head exhausts you so much that all that gives you a little bit of ease and comfort is a snack or a sweet. Or wine, beer, cola or another ‘energy-drink’. All you don’t allow yourself to have is all you want at that moment. Filling up the emptiness and calm down the unrest! And of course you’ll regret it and than you start all over again and so you turn around in your little circle.

However all your failed attempts you’re starting a diet every time again. Relaxed eating together is something you haven’t done for quite a while and sharing what’s really going on inside, you don’t do anymore either.

After the first session I already felt much lighter. Like a big weight has been lifted and taken away. Jeannette is very intuitive and she could see where I was hiding. And she has a remarkable ability to laser in very directly at what I was hiding from. She just said: “Chantal, stop bullshitting me.” Exactly what I needed. Someone who is strong and direct, with a gentle and open heart. And who can make me laugh out loud at the worst moments.

Chantal Quesnel – actrice – Kingston – Canada

And what if this discontent doesn’t stop?

  • Fixing and dieting every time and again, do one cure after the other, without the desired result. You keep on disappointing yourself with the effect that you are continuously mad at yourself.
  • You become the living proof that diets don’t work. When you also starve yourself well you might not became huge, but super frustrated for sure, unsatisfied and deeply unhappy.
  • Your self-criticism eats you. You’re imprisoned into the body you hate and you punish yourself for it.
  • Soon you will have size potatoes-sack permanently and you don’t recognize yourself any longer in that strange body.
  • Angry, sad and insatiable you one moment stuff yourself and the other you starve yourself. You avoid every challenge, because shame keeps you stuck. And you don’t dare to present (yourself), not at work and not at home, because you only see that imperfect body.
  • As the result of your unpredictable eating behavior you develop physical problems and moving gets more difficult. You become stiff and lazy when moving becomes painful.

Deeply convinced that something about you is wrong, you distance from your self. And from all and everything that confronts you. And more and more you only find comfort, pleasure and relaxation into food, drinks and other substitute flavorers. And those pleasures never take long, so you need more for fixing your needs.

Forget about intimacy. There’s no one left who puts any attention on you or your body, hidden under that Sloppy Joe. What you give attention to grows and when you’ve put your attention for years on what’s wrong with you soon you will have become exactly the way you don’t want to be.

Allereerst is Jeannette van Uffelen een professional in de ware zin van het woord. Omdat ze om je geeft. En ze geeft genoeg om jou om voor iedere sessie volledig voorbereid te zijn.

At first Jeannette is a professional in the true sense of the word. Because she cares for you! And she cares enough to be entirely prepared for every session. No information I give her stays unnoticed or unused. And don’t be fooled by her compassionate listening. She is relentless in acknowledging all mental constructions as she breaks trances and limiting beliefs. Trust is the word that comes in my mind before, during and after my sessions with Jeannette.

Andreas Mesarites – managing director – Nicosia – Cyprus

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