Accommodation YOUR INNER POWER Retreat

The private villa has room for 10 people and a big space for the work we will do as a group. Some people will have their bedroom in the villa and some will have a room in an apartment in walking distance. We’ll talk about what you prefer. It’s all good quality and clean. Of course we all have separate single beds.

There’s a lot of private space around the house to rest and to sit by yourself. The meals will be prepared by our own cook.

Bathroom and kitchen and living room are all shared spaces, but enough for all of us. We’ll take care of keeping the shared space clean and we all do some help to clean up the spaces after meals. Many hands make the works light.

The appartments are a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the villa and can be shared with 2 people. They all have their own bathroom and basic kitchen, a large shared garden and seaview balconies.

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What you have to know about the retreat?