About me

I don’t believe we’re meant to suffer that much, be scared, tired or sick, but we got used to stress and now we believe it’s just the way it is.

Fear is the cause of accidents, illness, relationship problems, depression and more. Fear also is the cause of that we don’t do what we actually want to do.

My crib stood in a house, a street, a world, where tension ruled. Although the love there were fights about nothing and everything. Anxiety, poverty, alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, but in spite of all misery we all kept on going. And so did I.

The desire for a better life and my craving for personal development brought me from feeling powerless and angry towards violence, addiction, disease and selfdistruction, to living a live from Personal Power and Inner Peace, with events and encounters that keep on surprising and fascinating me.

Who looks outsite is dreaming, who looks inside is awakening.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

You can only be yourself 

We can choose our thoughts and become again who we really are, but in the course of our lives we have learnt and accepted beliefs, mostly unconsciously, long before we were able to think about it. I had many beliefs about myself, life and the world, which I’ve learnt to let go. And so I learnt to know myself and my value. What a relief!

me, about me, elimination of stress, fun to work with, easy traumrelease, EFT, Faster EFT, ERT, Emotion Replacement Therapy NederlandI’m educated in Integral Psychology, ICT (Informatica & Communication Technology), Shiatsu Massage, Theta Healing, Conversational Hypnotherapy, Faster EFT (Emotional Focussed Transformation), ERT (Emotion Replacement Therapy), EEG Brainwave Technology en Scientific Hypnotherapy Safety.

International I’m registered as a hypnotherapist, also I’m a trainer with jurisdiction for teaching and training in the field of professional education and corporates. In the past 35 years I’ve helped thousands of people of all ages, from uneducated to academic level, from the factory floor to the boardroom and from all over the world, to change themselves and their lives by applying the mix of methodes in my own creative way.

More than by the education I’ve done (to satisfy my hunger for knowledge) I’m driven by love for the field, for people and fascination for what we are able to. Whatever appeals to me I put it in practice and I am rewarded with impressive results. This makes me unstoppable until I reach the goal. If your goal is to create a better life for yourself than I will do what I can to get you there.

How people experience me?

People claim I’ve changed their lives, they say I bring lightness in live and with me solving serious problems and impediments become simple and even fun. I facilitate the elimination of stress, depression, sadness, fears, phobias, trauma, addiction, pain and grief. More testimonials you’ll find at this site. Since 2003 I’m an entrepeneur and own my practice.