About Me

How to let go of your problems?

  • You don’t solve your problems by searching for them all the time!
  • For years I tried to solve problems and improve my life.
  • And I did improve myself and I learned a lot.
  • But all that digging in the past didn’t make me see how I got in my way.
  • What – silly enough – did help me was breaking some bones.
  • In a split second I surrendered and forced myself to let go of what I thought I was.  
  • I was lifted up, fixed, washed, fed and carried and made the choice to let go of discomfort and shame.
  • With those cracking bones I CRACKED THE CODE to an easier life.
  • Finally I became kinder to myself and I stand in the world differently. 

“You become what you think about most of the day.”

How do I know?

For years I’ve been busy solving problems, that in closer perspective I didn’t have. When I was young I started to believe I was fat. And the more diets I followed the fatter I became. Sounds familiar?

When after 20 years I decided that all that dieting made no sense neither worked, it was solved.

Maybe you have been made to believe you have a serious disease, problem, illness or misfortune. Professionals call it a DIAGNOSIS. Or you have invisible marks at the INSIDE of your MIND about what is WRONG with you.

The biggest problem is that we have learned that we HAVE or ARE a PROBLEM. But what does it actually say about you? Is it true? Is there a problem anyway? Is it really about you? About all this I have recently written a beautiful book. This so called problem is JUST A STORY. Everyone has a story.

Any story can be changed in a split second. Because it’s all about perception.

“From an early age I’ve heard I was too blunt, too stubborn and too independent. Schoolteachers, family members, collegues named it annoying. Nowadays my clients appreciate it. It helps them to put things in perspective and release.”

What story do you tell yourself and what do you focus on?

Calling it a problem doesn’t mean it is

Even though I understand why I think this way … I don’t always succeed to let go of the way I do it. That is the result of being programmed all my life in thinking in a certain way.

When I want to change my ‘automatic pilot’ I have to CONSCIOUSLY take action to reprogram my SUBCONSCIOUS programming.

  • At first I CHOOSE TO DO this, because changing (reprogramming) my subconscious system gives permanent change.
  • Second: because it takes less effort WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO do it and just DO IT.
  • And third: it is much more fun and easier.

Above all it’s absolutely easy to do. The only thing that makes it difficult is that you HAVE TO DO IT. Consistency is key! Every day! Until it sits into your system. From then it’s going by itself.

“We form our habits and than our habits form us.”

Who knows me well, knows that I …

  • am a huge fan of my daughter, who brings out the best in me
  • enjoy workshops and retreats, as participant, organizer and trainer, because I’m a group animal
  • can be loud and I sing a lot, but I also appreciate the silence very much
  • love seas and oceans and I swim in the sea all through the year
  • speak, sing, dance, eat and drink the Greek way and preferably all at the same time.
I am stuck. I want to solve my problems by myself. Who is having a problem, me or the other? EFT, Faster EFT eutaptics, hypnotherapy.