The desire for a better life and the urge to personal improvement have pushed me forwards. Because deep down inside me I knew it could be better. So from impotence and anger towards violence, injustice and selfdestruction, I came by many roads and detours to living from Personal Power and Inner Peace, no matter the circumstances.

Read my personal story here. It is in Dutch, will be translated soon.

Who looks outsite is dreaming, who looks inside is awakening.
(Carl Gustav Jung)


From a young age I’ve always been working and studying at the same time. And I’m still doing that, because that works well for me. So at first I was educated in integral psychology, social work (BSW) and Information & communication technology (BICT). Thereafter I learned body oriented methods like bio energetica, kahuna and shiatsu. Meanwhile I practice taichi, yoga and pilates and I meditate every day. And I did quite some alternative education abroad, like

People often want to know what kind of educations I’ve done, so that’s why I put the list above, but in the end that’s not the most important.

Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

At the moment I’m immersing myself into the research on the effect of tapping and hypnosis. Because we all know that not only it has a calming effect on the psyche, but it also appears to bring significant changes into our DNA and the physical body. Although I’ve seen this in my practice throughout the years, but now there’s scientific evidence. But some of us need that to get to apply it into their own lifes.

International I’m registered as a hypnotherapist, eutaptics- en EFT practitioner and I’m a trainer with jurisdiction for teaching and training in the field of professional education and corporates. 

Personal power and development

For more than 35 years I’ve helped hundreds of people of all ages, from uneducated to academic level, from the factory floor to the boardroom and from all over the world. Meanwhile I help people to change themselves and their lives by applying the mix of methods I use in my own creative way. And the Your Inner Power workshops I created.

How people experience me

People claim I’ve changed their lives and that I bring lightness in live. Further they say that with me solving serious problems and impediments become simple and even fun. Above all, I facilitate the elimination of stress, depression, sadness, fears, phobias, trauma, addiction, pain and grief. However, if you want to see more testimonials you’ll find at this site. Since 2003 I’m an entrepreneur in my own practice.