5 habits for a Stressfree Life

The 10 minutes ‘Are you ready?’ interview I mentioned in the video above You can find on this page.

The habits I mention in this free e-book are simple and easy to do. And they can even be fun. I admit that in the beginning talking to myself in another way felt weird, but nowadays I really love it. It made me aware of my negative selftalk and I’ve changed it.

It took a while … but as a result a lot has changed for the better. I do not always wake up feeling excited about life, because I do struggle as well. But now I know I can just hang in there for or not. I have the choice to change my mood, my day, my life. And it helps to give myself a good smile! Yes, it is very simple indeed and it works.

We form our habits and than our habits form us.

The only difficult point with making new habits is that you have to START DOING IT. Take 30 days or 40 days (the biblical number 40) for one new habit and do it every day. When you just DO IT you give yourself the chance to EXPERIENCE how it works.

Don’t ask too often if you like it, but see if it works. Sometimes it takes longer to like it, because when we are pulling ourselves out of a comfort zone it’s not a nice feeling, but it can be good for you. So give it some time.

Read the Five Habits to Create a Stressfree Life, also called a ‘Magical Life’, because it feels like magic when we are stressfree, which is in itself no magic, but should be our natural state. Sometimes a moment of stress is fine and can save your live, but too much stress is very unhealthy.

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Three questions for you to answer

Please answer these 3 questions for yourself and send them to me as a start of our conversation?

  1. Why do you want to download this Minibook?
  2. What is the main ‘source of stress’ you would like to change in your life right now?
  3. Do you believe there’s a way YOU CAN change this?