It has been some years since I wrote a little book about some very simple and healthy habits. Recently I read them again and I realised how much they have improved my life while I don’t think about them any more that often.

So I give them to you for FREE!

The habits are easy to do. I admit that in the beginning talking to myself this way felt weird, but it made me aware of my negative selftalk and I’ve changed it. I talk to myself a lot and I love it.

It took a while … but a lot has changed for the better. I do still struggle by times as well. But now I know I have the choice to change my mood, my day, my life. And it helps to give myself a good smile! Yes, it works and a smile costs you NOTHING.

We form our habits and our habits form us.

You have to START DOING IT. Take 40 days for one new habit and do it every day. When you just DO IT you give yourself the chance to EXPERIENCE the benefits.

Don’t ask too often if you like it, but see if it works. Sometimes it takes longer to like it, because when we are pulling ourselves out of a comfort zone it’s not a nice feeling, but it is good for you. So give it some time.