Do you suffer from overweight?

You are a 40+ woman with overweight and you’ve done many diets, but as soon as you quit dieting, you gain weight.

And you probably have more to do than being busy all the time with what you might put into your mouth what not? Haven’t you?

You’re so done with all the dieting fuss. You want a permanent solution!

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Do you recognize this?

You’ve tried amost every diet and you’ve lost lots of weight many times, but everytime the weight comes back. So you are frustrated about all those failed attempts and that other people think you have no discipline at all. And sometimes you fear that’s true.

You know you can do more and you want to proof that, so you’re giving a presentation somewhere. You start very well, but while you’re busy, you suddenly feel how everybody is watching your body and you can’t keep your belly in while you’re talking. However you have a good story to tell it doesn’t show that well, because of this distraction.

Again and again you feel judged on your looks and with this body of yours you’re not taken seriously.

On the one hand you’re looking forward on taking the next step in your carreer, but for that you have to literally show more of yourself and that makes you procrastinating on some tasks.

Every morning you struggle with your choice of what to wear. And entering a fitting-room to try something new? No way! Too many confrontating mirrors.

Because you feel onattractive and ashamed for your body. And that resonates at work, but also in your private life. No mood for going out and even less desire to eat together with your friends.

Sometimes you’re so tired of all the husle in your head and no lust for cooking diner, so you take a fast snack. With a wine and netflix on?

However all your failed attempts you’re starting a diet every time again, because you don’t know another way out. And after all these diets your overweight increased over the years.

Jeannette is straightforward, but than I think: Let it come! Better be honest and get to the root than keep turning around it. Jeannette asked questions that hit the core and with that emotions came up, that had been locked in for years. And it wasn’t only talking. It felt like cleaning. Recently I took some very big decisions. That feels really good and I could only make them, because there’s more room inside myself. Because old pain and old insecurety don’t stop me anymore.

Kika Treep, muziektherapeut en theatermaker, Den Haag

And what will happen when you don’t solve this?

When nothing changes you will grow over. You don’t want to talk about it anymore. You get used to it. ;-( Because how much sense does losing weight make sense actually? You’ve become the living proof that diets don’t work.

You feel ashamed for yourself and with a body like yours you don’t want to put any attention on yourself in any public space. So you deduct yourself more than you like and acquiesce more and more in the fact that you can’t express yourself very well when you look like you.

Your manager, collegues, clients have accepted you and your situation, so nobody challenges you any longer to show something of yourself, your ideas or your knowledge. You hit in the background. Than one day there will be a reorganisation and you get fired, because you’re no longer adding any value.

You’re completely avoiding outside diners. So you’re frequently eating on your own and when nobody is whatching, you just stuff yourself.

Angry, sad and insatiable you oneday stuff yourself. And the other day you’re tough restricting, eat too little or just starve yourself.

You acquiesce in your unsolvable overweight and so you’re not interested in a partner and that is mutual.

Forget about intimacy. There’s no one left who puts any attention on your body under that sloppy joe.

After the first session I already felt much lighter. Like a big weight has been lifted and taken away. Jeannette is very intuitive and she could see where I was hiding. And she has a remarkable ability to laser in very directly at what I was hiding from. She just said: “Chantal, stop bullshitting me.” Exactly what I needed. Someone who is strong and direct, with a gentle and open heart. And who can make me laugh out loud at the worst moments.

Chantal Quesnel – actrice – Kingston – Canada

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At first Jeannette is a professional in the true sense of the word. Because she cares! And she cares enough to be fully prepared for every session. No information I give her stays unnoticed or unused. However, don’t be mislead by her warm empathetic listening. Because she is relentless in recognising your mental construtions and before you realise, she breaks your trances and limiting beliefs.

Andreas Mesarites – managing director – Nicosia – Cyprus

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