Do you want to get rid of stress?

Learn how to solve your problems
by reprogramming your brain

Food, the weather, other people and the circumstances do influence the amount of stress you have. But the fastest road to solving stress and prevent yourself from having it, is via your brain and your deepest (unconscious) beliefs. And by taking this ‘highway’ you reach permanent change and this puts you back into the drivers seat of your own life. Do you want that? Than read on or contact me.

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Reprogramming is easy to learn. And you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it at all.

10 TIPS about emotional intelligence and how you can influence your autonomic nervesystem in every stressfull situation.

Worldwide satisfied ONLINE & VIP clients

I noticed that I’m standing in live differently. I can handle live, no doubt about that, although still things in my live are insecure. I feel great, no matter what.

Brigida Mota
mechanical engineer, The Hague

Now I feel like I have much more choice. I have much more fun and much less fear or panic. Like a great weight has been lifted off and taken away from me.

Chantal Quesnel
actrice, Kingston, Canada

With the help of Jeannette I’ve got my live back. I was really afraid that I would be dependent on anti-depressants and sleeping pills for the rest of my live.

Richard Downs
violist & composer, Mexico

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Choose from 1 of the 3 VIP packages

Now as well I’m ready for all who want to stand in live more relaxed! Since years I’ve been working worldwide as well online.

The STANDARD package of 5 sessions is the most often chosen, because livelong programming doesn’t disappear in 2 hours.

I guarentee you change and mostly faster than you expect. Because I work with the subconscious mind that has its own unique logic.

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START: an individual session to try out

Training inland and abroad

This spring I’ve quit my plans for the retreats and workshops in 2020. I wanted to prevent to put my energy in activities, that suddenly could be forbidden, based to realistic or unrealistic calculations. The workshop in Den Haag happily took place, as well as individual online actions. And shortly I start recording my online programs. The links down here show what we’ve done last year. And I assume we will do this again in the future, somewhere on this beautiful planet.

Do you want to get an impression of what I do?

At the basis of a healthy weight lies healthy thinking. This is not so much in eating healthy food, but more in taking care of yourself. The root of eating problems is rarely in food.

You can also try too hard, because when you rush and punish yourself all day you become unhappy. I tell you what a Happy Journal is and how the simple use of it can reduce your stress.

In my workshops I share the basic principles of my method and I have people experience how it works, especially for people who want or have done VIP sessions. This is how I did it in Copenhagen.

New packages in ONLINE training soon

Shortly I will present my new online packages, that I already partly had and got a little push in the back back by the resent situation in the world. Do you want me to update you today or tomorrow? Than subscribe now.