Tapping is doing more than releasing your stress. And now there’s scientific evidence that it changes your body and even your DNA

We have learned that food, other people and the situation in the world do determine our stress level. But what if the solving of stress works via your brain and your heart? In that case the solution is in you! And in me. When you start to understand and apply this, you will notice that fear and stress are solvable. You can learn this, no matter the circumstances. 

‘Tapping’ is sometimes also called psychological acupuncture and is nothing more than tapping with your fingers on certain spots on your head. Everyone with a hand and a head can learn it and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. Do you want to know more about it? Than read on or contact me.

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Worldwide satisfied ONLINE & VIP clients

I noticed that I’m standing in live differently. I can handle live, no doubt about that, although still things in my live are insecure. I feel great, no matter what.

Brigida Mota
mechanical engineer, The Hague

Now I feel like I have much more choice. I have much more fun and much less fear or panic. Like a great weight has been lifted off and taken away from me.

Chantal Quesnel
actrice, Kingston, Canada

With the help of Jeannette I’ve got my live back. I was really afraid that I would depend on anti-depressants and sleeping pills for the rest of my live.

Richard Downs
violist & composer, Mexico

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Now as well I’m ready for all who want to stand in live more relaxed! Since years I’ve been working worldwide as well online.

The BASIC package is chosen often, because it is clear and quite easy to do people who know that livelong programs don’t disappear in 2 hours.

I guarentee you change and mostly faster than you expect. Because I work with the subconscious mind that has its own unique logic.

startsessie, kennismaking, proefsessie
START: an individual session to try out this method

Learn stress release by tapping inland and abroad

In 2020 I interrupted my tapping workshops and retreats planning. But fortunately the workshops in Den Haag continued, as well as individual (online) actions. The links below show what we have been doing in the past years at the beautiful Dutch (Friesland) countryside, in France, Greece, Denmark and Norway. It might take a while, but I assume we will do this again in the future, somewhere on this beautiful planet. But in case you want to resolve your stress now … we can work on it online.

Do you want to see in which way I teach people about tapping and how to release stress?

Sometimes we say we want to change, but in our actions we stick to old habits. Because we are run unconsiously by old programs and it doesn’t feel safe to let go. So I ask you: Are you ready?

When I ask people ‘What do you want?’ they often tell me what they don’t want. And all attentions is going exactly there! Making a Happy Journal is a funny and easy way to reduce your stress.

In my Your Inner Power workshops I teach you the basics of my method and you experience how it works. This is a selfhelp technique which you can support by having some sessions.